Saturday, August 07, 2010

The many things that don't make sense

Thank you for letting Iraqis die in so many ways that we could never have imagined!
No matter what Iraqi and other foreign officials say about security improvements I still cannot understand why the Iraqi security forces and other foreign troops couldn't pacify Baghdad for a week?!!!

The above is from an Iraqi correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers writing in "Thank You for Letting Us Live in Iraq" at Inside Iraq. It's an important post and an important view and not one the press was to eager to air this past week as we were all supposed to surf the latest wave of Operation Happy Talk on Barack's behalf. Wang Fengfeng, Ran Wei and Xiong Tong (Xinhua) add to the wipeout that was always coming by reporting, "With the United States scheduled to withdraw all its combat troops from Iraq by the end of this month amid political stalemate and rising violence in that country, worries are mounting in Washington and elsewhere about the situation in Iraq after the drawdown."

Experts continue to disagree over the death of David Kelly. Experts not at the scene have long offered 'testimony' and 'findings' that Dr. Kelly died of a loss of blood from a self-inflicted wound/scratch on his wrist. Experts at the scene have long maintained it was impossible for the doctor to have bled to death that way. Kelly was the bother Tony Blair very much wanted to bury. He was the one who told the BBC that the WMD 'facts' had been 'sexed up' in the push for war on Iraq. A big to-do was made about finding out who the source for Andrew Gilligan's report was but Blair and his cabinet always knew who the source was. So Kelly was put through that show trial for what?

To silence others? To frighten them? To send a message that they too would be attacked?

Kelly wasn't suicidal according to Judith Miller when she was still with the New York Times. After his apparently surprising suicide she'd write that less than 24 hours before his death she'd received a fairly upbeat e-mail from him.

But, the official story states, he went on to kill himself.

Some have never believed that. There are cries for an inquest.

Today Matt Sandy (Daily Mail) reports the latest, police detective Constable Graham Coe, who discovered Kelly's corpse, is stating, "It is incredibly unlikely he died from the wrist wound we saw." Sandy notes the official 'finding' from the Hutton Inquiry that this wrist wound is what killed Kelly:

But that finding has been thrown into fresh doubt after Dr Neville Davis MBE, an eminent forensic physician, said there would be a ‘hell of a lot of blood’ if someone had bled to death in that way.
Dr Davis, a former senior forensic medical examiner at the Metropolitan Police, said: ‘If he died because of the cut to the ulnar artery, I would expect to see a hell of a lot of blood at the scene. It has got to go somewhere.
‘If the artery is going to empty, it will spray hard. To kill the chap, he would have to lose many pints of blood. We are talking about a considerable percentage.’
But Dr Davis added he would be very surprised to see anyone die because of blood loss from severing their ulnar artery – echoing a group of 13 campaigning doctors who put together a dossier on the subject last year.
He added: ‘After about ten to 15 minutes, if the artery had been completely transected, you would then expect to see it seal up and the blood loss to stop. It is a tiny artery. You tend not to lose that much blood from it.’
DC Coe’s observations match those of the two paramedics who attended the scene, Dave Bartlett and Vanessa Hunt, who both told the inquiry how surprised they were at the lack of blood. It is also backed up by the evidence of Mr Chapman and Ms Holmes.

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