Thursday, October 03, 2013

Mia and the meanings for America

Stan wrote "Mia Farrow, what the -?" and noted I consider Mia a friend and he hoped it wouldn't be a problem.  Thankfully, the private e-mail account didn't register a peep.  The public account, where non-community members e-mail, was a different story.  And that's actually good because things need to be resaid from time to time.

I don't control anyone's site.  I write here and at Third.  People can write whatever they want at their sites.  About whatever topic or whatever person.  Stan runs a great site.  He's a great friend.  He can write whatever he wants.

I have no comment on Mia's personal life other than I hope she's happy.

Mia's a writer herself.  She wrote a wonderful autobiography, filled with magic and hope.

I like Mia, I don't live in her fantasy world.

And it is a fantasy world.  I'm not talking about her as a mother, she's a great mother, or as an actress, she's a great actress.

But in terms of 'events,' Mia magic and hope leads her to do stupid things repeatedly.

Some think following a yogi to India was stupid.  Others think being involved in the sex charges against him was stupid.

Point being, Mia blindly worships and it never ends well.

I had hoped, since her writing includes her Twitter feed, that she'd either fallen silent today or issued a statement on a matter. 

She did neither.  Here are some of her uninformed Tweets:

  • 32m
  • Obama compromised constantly in passing-(Obamacare)-that's why there's no public option- & why he disappointed so many liberals'- Kristof
  • Syrian regime has tortured & disappeared humanitarian workers, journalists, doctors, lawyers & peaceful activists

  • Syrian regime has tortured & disappeared humanitarian workers, journalists, doctors, lawyers & peaceful activists

  • The so-called rebels have killed Americans in Iraq.  Sweetness and Light's aware of that, isn't she?  The so-called rebels did ethnic cleansing in Libya (Black Libyans were the targeted).  Mia miss that too?  The so-called rebels have raped women and girls (in Libya and in Syria).  The so-called rebels are terrorizing a small Christian community and Mia should really give a damn about that since the most public voice for the community is a nun.  (Mia is Catholic.)  I could be a mirror image of Mia and use those facts to scream for war the way she does (but for war against the 'rebels').  Instead, I've repeatedly called for diplomacy.

    Mia's choices rarely make logical sense.  That's because she's ruled by emotion and whichever sad story gets to her first is the one she commits to  while turning the others into complete monsters.

    She then shoots her mouth whether she bothered to get the facts accurate or not.

    That's a little harsher than I'd like to go in here about Mia but I'm also a friend of Naomi Campbell's and she is still hurt over what Mia did.  (I have no idea who told the truth in that drama.  I don't care.  I also don't see how, if true, Mia's gossip served anyone.  It was one of many times when Mia should have kept her mouth shut.)  (I have not accepted blood diamonds before someone tries to make that into this.  I don't like jewelry.  The only accessory I've worn in the last month or so was the splint on my finger after surgery.)  Nothing was served by Mia's remarks.  No one's life was made better.  Naomi was humiliated in public for something she may or may not have done.  And Mia went around with that stupid, beatific smile pretending she'd been a saint.  Clearly, she wasn't.  If Mia's gossip was accurate, a saint would have stepped in and stopped the gift. 

    Naomi didn't deserve that and Mia can hop on any high horse she wants but she can't ride off on it because there's no escaping it.

    In Mia's nonsense Tweets we see the story of journalism and so much more.

    Mia is among the many idiots who think Nicholas Kristof is worth reading.  He lies in print and he buys women (to save them!).  Grow a brain.

    More importantly, if you speak to Mia (or the clan of women that have emerged around 'sensitive' but 'strong' Nicky K), they'll breathlessly go on about how much Nicky K cares.

    He cares about no one but himself.

    The world did not begin yesterday.  I'm not 'magical' enough to play that game.

    There is a history.

    There's nothing brave about Kristof.  He's a weak man and he's a weak writer.  You'll see that when the White House next flips parties.  Nicholas is a master suck-up -- explaining many of those Bush columns.  What people are mistaking for 'strength' is Nicky K sucking up like he always does.

    He's an idiot and he's a joke.  Those pimping him only look stupid to those of  us who can remember 24 hours before yesterday.

  • Obama compromised constantly in passing-(Obamacare)-that's why there's no public option- & why he disappointed so many liberals'- Kristof

  • Also, our own Trina has covered this repeatedly.  She's been the strongest truth teller there is on this issue and has been writing about the reality of sequester for over two years now.
    I checked Mia's Twitter feed today as a friend.  I was hoping she had the brains to either (a) go silent (in the face of this tacky and tawdry spectacle) or to release a note stating that it was a mistake for her to bring her adult son's paternity into question.  (The only one who had the right to raise that topic publicly was Ronan.)  Instead, she's just Tweeting up a storm and feeding into the vision of her, in the industry, as someone desperate for attention.  And if she thinks anyone but me is giving more than two seconds thought to her ravings over Nicky K, she's wrong.  All most people are thinking about is the latest scandal she's elected to create.   Mia has always represented a trash culture aspect of America.  That remains true today as the message appears to be:  When Bravo won't send cameras, you create your own tacky TV reality show.

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