Friday, February 07, 2014

Nouri bombs own soldiers

In Iraq, the assault on Anbar continues.

For 'fun,' Nouri ordered the military to also raid two mosques in western Baghdad (Amiriya).

No where is sacred in Nouri's Iraq, everyone is a victim and everyone is a target.

There is no respect for anything, certainly not for human life.  Nouri makes that clear every day.

Nouri's forces conducted 110 bombings in Anbar today, NINA notes.

It didn't always turn out the way tyrant Nouri al-Maliki hoped.  But when does it ever?

Even so he must be licking his paws in sorrow because, while he's happy to bomb and kill civilians, it's hard to picture him humping someone's leg excitedly when he heard the news that, as Iraqi Spring MC reports, Nouri's helicopters accidentally bombed some of Nouri's forces to the north of Falluja -- bombed and killed.

As if he wasn't already having enough problems recruiting volunteers for his killing squads.

That's not all he bombed.  Iraqi Spring MC reports he bombed the power station in Falluja and the city is now without electricity.

That qualifies as a War Crime as well.  But he's gotten away with collective punishment (a War Crime) because so many have been too stupid or too scared to call him out.

I'm not referring to the Iraqi people.  I'm referring to non-Iraqi news outlets and non-Iraqi blogs and websites.  I'm referring to the article we just addressed in "Activism or just masturbating to old hate fantasies."  I'm referring to a lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted space.

The Iraqi people are at the mercy of a blood thirsty dictator -- first installed by Bully Boy Bush and then Barack illegally ensured that Nouri got a second term after he lost 2010 elections.

Your comfort level is really not my concern.

I include John Pilger in that because he's plugging his own appearance on BBC where he recently spoke of the number killed during Bully Boy Bush but couldn't spare a second -- on BBC or in print at the Guardian -- to note the continued assault on the Sunnis in Iraq today.

And isn't it really past time that when they mount their high horses over the death toll in Iraq prior to the birth of the Christ Child Barack (at which point they pretend the killing stopped) that they start including the toll of the executed?  Iraq doesn't have a functioning judiciary.

The death and dying continue.

National Iraqi News Agency reports Falluja General Hospital received 5 dead and twenty-injured people as a result of Nouri's shelling of the city (the dead and wounded included children and women),  Nouri's military shot dead 4 people in eastern Ramadi, a Sadr City car bombing left 2 people (one a police member) dead and seven more injured, 1 person was shot dead in Muqdadiyah, a Hammam al-Aleel roadside bombing left the brother of the area's police chief injured, an armed clash in Garma left 6 rebels dead and four Sahwa injured, Joint Operations Command declared they shot dead 2 suspects in Mosul, a Baiji car bombing targeted Maj Gen Hamid Mohammed Kemer didn't harm the officer but left three soldiers injured, 1 candidate with the Ahrar bloc was assassinated in Baghdad (Ghazaliya area), and clergy members Sheik Shehab Mahmoud al-Hamdani and Sheikh Abu Noah al-Hamdani were shot dead in Hamman al-Aleel. All Iraq News adds a Tuz Khurmato bombing killed 4 people and left twenty-three more injured.

Even in the face of all the above, in the face of Nouri's assaults, even the violence, cannot stop the ongoing demonstrations that kicked off December 21, 2012 and have continued ever since.

  1. الجمعة الموحدة في منطقة العامرية غرب العاصمة بغداد.

Protesters turned out in Amiriya today.  Yes, they do protest in that section of Baghdad and let's all just pretend that Nouri ordering two mosques raided in Amirya today had nothing to do with that.

Iraqi Spring MC notes that protests also took place in Baiji, Jalawla, Baquba and Rawa.

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