Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The prophet (Bacevich) and the fool (Hayden)

Andrew Bacevich often has something worth saying.  In his latest column?

Not really.  Click here to read the Los Angeles Times column at Newsday.

Setting aside Nixon issues (I believe he was a worthless crook), I still find Bacevich's commentary lacking.

Why are we comparing Vietnam and Iraq to begin with?

I almost did on Friday and then thought, "No, let's not."

Bacevich's comparison is, honestly, ignorant.

Is Iraq seeing the fall of Baghdad and is it akin to the fall of South Vietnam?

That may be.

It may prove to be.

But what's known?

What's known right now doesn't indicate that.

Now maybe Bacevich wants to play fortune teller?

I hope he had fun with it at least.

I don't know if Baghdad's going to fall.  I don't know if the resistance will even attempt to take Baghdad.

The White House is worried it will attempt it.  The press loves the notion of drama.

But what we know right now doesn't justify Bacevich's claims.

On Friday, Barack spoke for the second day in a row about Iraq.

And based on those remarks, I considered noting this could be -- "could be" because no US fighter jets or drones are yet being used -- the Vietnamization.

That's the comparison to make if the US government begins bombing parts of Iraq.

The Vietnamization process during the war on Vietnam was when the US had the Vietnamese fighting (one another) on the ground while the US bombed from the air.

If Barack chooses that path, I may weigh in at length or I may just highlight others writing about it.  Tom Hayden, for example, could cover the topic with insight and if he offers a piece on it, we'll certainly highlight it.

He most likely won't.

He most likely will write a piece of crap column that instead of reminding everyone of what brave voice he was, he'll just remind everyone of what a piece of crap he became as he used a woman's money to try to buy a legislative career.

And not being the mother of Troy, I have no need to speak nicely of Tom unless he earns praise.

In his most recent crap, he doesn't earn praise.

We'll deal with that garbage -- including Tom's lie -- in today's snapshot.  And, please, if he says something in this column but said something different in 2012 -- and, yes, he did, say something different in 2012, he's a liar and a whore.

The sort of liar and whore who, when losing his meal ticket, would threaten to blackmail her to steal as much money as he could from her in what was loosely known as a 'property settlement.'

A lot of people throughout the political spectrum do not age well.


I'm a bitch.  I've always been one.  I was one when I first met Tom all those years ago.

I probably aged better than Tom because I can higher purpose it while Tom can get stuck in the mire of greed.

My biggest problem -- even bigger than being a bitch -- is that I can be foolish and forgiving.

I actually wrote praise for Tom in this entry but was on the phone with a friend who knows Tom and advised,  "Don't get tricked by him."

So I say, 'Sure, let me pull up his website and see if he's written anything on Iraq -- Oh, here it is, I'm scanning -- Oh.  He's whoring.'

To which he replied, "Once a whore, always a whore."

That's Tom's epitaph.

And he has no one to blame but himself.

It's really sad, because his health isn't that great and he's not going to be able to maintain much of a presence in the coming years. So you'd think he'd be trying to be a Noam Chomsky right now and trying to make a real difference.

You'd think he'd feel a need to get his house in order.

Clearly, I now grasp, Tom is an abusive male because he finds that attractive.

I never grasped that, I just saw those as his ass____ moments.

But Tom thinks abusive males are sexy and sexual and powerful.

Why else would he lap at the crotch of Barack Obama?

The man who has ridiculed -- repeatedly ridiculed -- what he refers to as "Tom Hayden Democrats."

To anyone with a brain, you walk away from an ass____ like that.  (I was advised that assh**e was not work safe in  a recent e-mail.  My apologies for its use in the past.)


He gets aroused.  He's so turned on that Barack's belittling him and humiliating him and doing so on the world stage, that Tom just can't let his abuser go.

As Roger (Seth MacFarlane) asks in American Dad's "AT The Abusive Terrestrial" episode (written by Dan Vebber), "Why do they stay, Steve?  Why do they stay!"

Because too someone like Tom, abuse is a turn on.

We'll try to help him get it up tonight by humiliating him in the snapshot.

You're welcome, Tom.  You are welcome.

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