Monday, April 27, 2015

About those Shi'ite militias

It was never smart to have brought Shi'ite militias into the fight in Iraq.

It wasn't smart, it wasn't even legal since political parties were supposed to have purged their militias or not been allowed to field candidates in the last elections.

The Shi'ite militias were known to be targeting Sunnis and to be threatening basically all Iraqis.  They were infamous for stealing property.

They were crooks and they were thugs.

But short sighted idiots -- including in the US government -- thought this was the way to go.

Alsumaria reports an attack on a Taji police station.  The point of the attack?  Freeing Shi'ite militia members who were arrested for terrorism.  An investigation has begun into who is responsible.

I'm sure Brett McGurk's preparing his Tweet explaining how it must be the Islamic State but those of us who have functional brains realize the Islamic State has no interest in freeing Shi'ite militias.

And there's this.

اغتيال التدريسي في كلية البيطرة الدكتور نبيل الكلدار على يد الميليشيات طعنا بالسكاكين في حي القاهرة وسط بغداد.
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That is -- or was -- Dr. Nabil al-Alcaldar who taught at the university in Baghdad and was stabbed to death by militias.

And Shi'ite militias in government provided military garb stormed the home of a Christian family in Baghdad and stole jewelry and money.

In other news, Sinan Salaheddin (AP) notes 7 dead and sixteen injured from a Baghdad car bombing.

Nothing changes because . . . nothing changes.

And Haider al-Abadi continues to prove nothing changes as he carries on Nouri al-Maliki's bombing of residential areas in Falluja (despite Haider announcing September 13th that these bombings had ceased).  Iraqi Spring MC notes 8 civilians dead (including children) and fourteen left injured by the latest military bombings.

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