Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Haider (again) attacks the press, Shi'ite militias terrorize the displaced

One day after the US State Dept launched their ridiculous Free The Press campaign and one day after Iraqi journalist Thaer Ali was executed by the Islamic State in Mosul, Alsumaria notes that today the Council of Ministers condemned the press and did so with (yet another) statement from Haider al-Abadi attacking the press.

Get your thug in line, Barack, before he spoils your latest photo op.

All Iraq News notes Parliament held a session today.  Alsumaria reports Haider al-Abadi declared that there was no marginalization of any groups of people in Iraq and that the Cabinet votes are determined by consensus.

Well then it's time for Shi'ite militias to start killing Shi'ites because they're being 'marginalized' what with all the time these thugs are devoting to killing Sunnis.

بغداد: ميليشيات الحشد تقتل "8" من نازحي الانبار في منطقة حي الجهاد غرب بغداد.
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That's Iraqi Spring MC noting 8 refugees from Anbar Province who were killed by Baghdad's Shi'ite militias.

Graffiti is going up around Baghdad, threatening the displaced from Anbar, telling them to leave or be killed.

But remember, Haider said this morning that no group is targeted in Iraq.

And he attacked the press.

And you have to attack the press if you want to strong-arm them into ignoring reality and only reporting the lies that make you look good.

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