Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The cholera outbreak continues in Iraq

Of all the events demonstrating Haider al-Abadi just isn't up to being prime minister, the cholera epidemic may be the most obvious.

Outbreak News Today notes that there are now 1,263 confirmed cases of cholera spread out in 15 of Iraq's 18 provinces and that the ways of addressing the epidemic include "distribution of bottled water, water kits, hygiene kits, bleaching powder and chlorine tablets; establishment of water distribution points [. . .]"

At this late date, when Iraq has suffered through countless cholera outbreaks, for Haider to be caught by surprise and unable to seriously address this crisis says a lot about his lack of preparation and his tiny knowledge base.

It also says a great deal about how slow and wrong footed his response has been since the outbreak began.

Installed as prime minister in the fall of 2014, his actions continue to beg the question "Why?"

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