Saturday, November 07, 2015

Empire (Betty)

rebecca, still here.

betty covers 'empire' at her site.  this is her latest.


So EMPIRE returned this week.

And we had baby rapper whining all through the episode.

I honestly thought he was going to be kidnapped for the whole episode and was surprised that it was really just for the first ten minutes.

It was a tight episode that seemed to offer so much more while airing than it actually did upon reflection.

As usual, Cookie was the best part, followed by Jamal and then Lucious.

But it would have been nice if things had gone better in the episode.

The bodyguard/security Cookie hired -- played by Adam Rodriguez -- who is actually out to rip her off.

That was probably the most interesting element in the episode and it was buried near the end and not developed the way it needed to be.

Andre got creepier and who could have thought that even possible?

And Gabourey Sidibe's Becky was the only one who really seemed to notice.

Yes, Lucious put Andre in his place, telling him he was more of a place holder at Empire Entertainment -- not the boss, Lucious remains the boss.

But to really get how creepy Andre's becoming -- as he's something of a mystical nut?

Only Becky seemed to get it.

"Iraq snapshot" (The Common Ills):