Saturday, November 07, 2015

Marvel Agents of SHIELD (Mike)

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mike covers 'marvel agents of shield.'

Marvel Agents of SHIELD

I didn't really care for this week's episode.

Mae should have been allowed to be majorly pissed -- her ex-husband, love of her life, just died because of Hunter.

And, for a second, it looked like she was exploding at Bobbi (Hunter's ex) but then it turned out it was just a test to see if Bobbi had recovered enough to go out on a field mission.


She catches video feed of cages intended for the enhanced people like her.

And guess who's getting a tour of them?


She has less and less reason to trust him.


I don't mind Mae going off on him (she hasn't) but I really don't need the others to do so.

He had every reason to try to kill Ward (lucky for the show, Ward lived) even if it meant putting Mae's husband at risk.

I just feel like the show was leading up to something and then the writers fell asleep and forgot everything.

It wasn't a very good episode.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"