Saturday, May 28, 2016

Millennials Tweet

Young voters are overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders.

  1. You need to realize that some people… Don't deserve your @'s or attention
  2. This man strikes fear in the heart of oligarchs, billionaires & HRC HT
  3. Way to build the party, Sen. Diss the new generation of voters. So why does Bernie attract me at 66 yrs?
  4.  In reply to 
    Read before your assume we aren't informed. stop perpetuating stereotypes about us
  5. Sign our petition to tell to apologize for her remarks against us or resign:
  6. Both Trump and Hillary are officially afraid to debate Bernie. How can they face Putin?

  1. Because flipping off Bernie supporters wasn't enough, also had to downplay my intellect.
  2. . You're diving head first into a mess and continuing to act like the trash you are. You forget we'll rule this country soon
  3. so privileged that she reduces concerns about a dying environment, student debt, and income inequality to "granddaddy issues"
  4. . you've been .
  5. . call it what you want. We like because he's for free access to public education.