Thursday, May 26, 2016

Susan Tweets

Activist and Acadamy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon is supporting Bernie Sanders in the battle for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination:

  1. Welcome to Donald Trump's America - where bigots feel fully empowered.
    Video by Ang Hernandez. This bigoted Donald Trump supporter not only called the woman filming this a spic, he tossed his trash on the floor for this man to clean up, telling him to "go to Mexico."
  2. The struggle for equality continues today in America. I am proud to stand as an ally of the LGBT community.
    Be the Change You Want to See | Bernie Sanders
  3. Please watch this. Holy s**t. CNN catches Hillary in multiple lies. Just blatant ones about this email scandal.

  4. Early vote countdown T-3 days! Get ready to vote this Saturday, May 28th!
  5. Wow: 2 State staffers raised concerns re HRC's server: were told never to do so again b/c it was approved: false
  6. this, my friends, is what looks like. compassion, integrity, and SPEAKING TRUTH IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY.