Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sarah Tweets

Comedian, actress and author Sarah Silverman is supporting Bernie Sanders in the battle for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

  • I sent you a boat a canoe a helicopter... (And gave you science)
  • YES!!!!
  • she's not masturbating to SVU SVU just happens to be on
  • I'll be wearin my red nose THURSDAY for The Special on . Donate today!
  • I'm not proud of this but If Abbott was standing somewhere not next to Costello I would not know who he was.
  • This sounds amazing:
  • Baby it's for charity! Someone in need is gonna get an awesome Jew fro
  • I'm growing my pubes out for locks of love
  • Why don't u reflect on deez nutz
  • My sister is funny & brilliant & will change the world starting w you. LISTEN:
  • ...then our democracy becomes an Oligarchy. It's happened already. Democracy is something that has to be protected & defended.
  • If Wall Street & the billionaire class continue to live above the law & policy is for sale to the highest bidder...