Monday, October 17, 2016

Barack doesn't understand the Constitution or the press

On Mosul:

  1. ⁩: نذكر كل الأطراف باحترام ⁧⁩ ومقدمي الخدمات الإسعافية والسماح لهم بمساعدة الجرحى والمرضى.⁩

  1. 1. Update on : Our team on the ground is mobilized, ready to help 270,000 people with food and emergency aid.

2.Civilians fleeing the fighting in must be protected and provided with safe passage. They are .

3.Whether they stay in or flee, civilians must have access to the basic necessities for survival: food, water and shelter.

You almost had a cartoon from Isaiah last night.

Then he pulled it.

He e-mailed that he didn't want it to go up and asked if I could call today.

I just got off the phone with him and understand why he didn't want anything up that could be seen as even the mildest endorsement of Barack.

We're going to deal with Barack's nonsense and maybe Isaiah'll let the cartoon run -- otherwise, I'm sure he'll use it in one of the community newsletters.

As this AFP article reports, Barack has yet again overstepped his boundaries.

There are just too many conspiracies, laments Barack, and we need safety protections from information since there are more than three channels today.

There were always more than three channels for most Americans -- and I'm not even referring to the late DuMont Network.

Long before cable, big cities -- and small towns and suburbs that surrounded them -- could get the three major networks and at least one independent station.

Barack's mind is feeble as is his ability to make an argument.

But what he's calling for is censorship.

We know censorship.

It was a "conspiracy theory" for us to discuss the use of White Phosphorus in Iraq.  One US general e-mailed to inform me he was going to sue this site for those lies and "crazed conspiracy talk."

It wasn't conspiracy talk and the US government -- the DoD, in fact -- was later forced to admit that WP was used in Iraq.

(And it's still being used in Iraq.)

It was a conspiracy theory to say the Iraq War was about oil.

Until Alan Greenspan admitted it.

There have been so many conspiracy theories in just the last few years -- topics unworthy of discussion in big media which turned out to, in fact, be true.

Barack's notions to 'fix' media would destroy it.

Now Barack's got a special interesting in conspiracy theories.

For example, he's been held in check by fear of those tapes.


The ones Ava and I did when we spoke to his grandmother.

We're the only ones who ever did.  He shut her away.

We got to meet with her -- money goes a long, long way.

We taped it.

From time to time, in DC, for a special hostess who's really gone all out to put on a great dinner, we'll pull out the audio and play a little.

Barack's self-history versus reality has major differences and we can understand why he'd want to control the media and why he curses the fact that money can buy access.

And then there's the born in Kenya rumor that's forever plagued him and may worry him even more since he was a victim of that.

But here's the reality that liars don't tell you, the media amplified that.

They didn't create it.

Three Rivers Press created it.

They said "Kenyan born" in their press release for DREAMS FROM MY FATHER.

And the talk of Barack being born in Kenya was hugely amplified in 2008 when Google briefly -- a month, I believe -- allowed people to search the previous years via their search engine.

Barack and Hillary were competing for the Democratic Party nomination and people were searching past stories on both of them.

It was the ASSOCIATED PRESS which did the article on "Kenyan born" Barack Obama using the Three Rivers Press press release.

Hillary today swears Donald's racist for ever believing it.

What does that make Hillary because when that AP article was easily and repeatedly found, there were members of her campaign that openly raised it with one another and with her?

(I'm not referring to Sid Blumenthal.)

(But, yes, Sidney Blumenthal did try to amplify the claims.)

A free press is a free press.

If it causes distress for a sitting president, that's a good thing.

It should.

The press should never provide comfort to those in power.

That's a basic that the likes of Matt Lee (AP), Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC), and too many others fail to grasp.

Matt Lee will quickly be forgotten after he dies -- for good reason.

Andrea, being a woman, stands a chance of being remembered.

While other women her age -- Jane Pauley, for example -- were put out to pasture at a certain age, Andrea was a correspondent for NBC NEWS for a remarkably long period which guarantees her a trivia factoid presence if not exactly fame.

But that trivia means that at some point, someone will do a serious look at her career and be grossly disappointed to discover that in all those years she reported nothing of value.

That's because she was nothing but a stenographer.

Her marriage wrongly allowed her to identify herself as an insider and she saw her job as protecting the government and not the American people.

So she's got years and years of air time and nothing to show for it.

Nothing to show for it.

And as of today, no one has had more minutes of 'reporting' on NBC NIGHTLY NEWS than Andrea Mitchell.

Barack Obama clearly doesn't understand the Constitution -- he's so very Cass and Samantha.

What he's proposing is unconstitutional.

Now with what's his sister is currently doing, I can understand his desire to clamp down on the media.  And he should, by all means, explain to her that after he leaves the White House, he can't issue any pardons.

But that's a family problem, not a Constitutional one.

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