Monday, October 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton used to talk a lot like Donald Trump on immigration - as recently as 2015, in fact

Jill Stein is running for president on the Green Party ticket:

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    Dr. Cornel West has wholeheartedly supported my candidacy since mid-July.
  • Today it was standing room only in San Antonio with the !
  • How many jobs has Donald Trump offshored? Then he scapegoats immigrants for U.S. unemployment? Don't get played by .
  • Being against warmongering, frack enthusiast Hillary doesn't mean you have to vote Trump, or vice versa. and ✅
  • Corporations offshore jobs, then politicians scapegoat immigrants for "taking" jobs. Our full employment plan will end this cycle.
  • The political revolution to create a just, compassionate society requires we all get involved and contribute.
  • After Hillary Clinton backed a military coup in Honduras, she called to deport children fleeing the violence to "send a clear message."
  • Hillary Clinton bragged about voting numerous times for a "barrier" on the border.
  • that the Constitution does not lay out a two-party system? 🤔
  • Happy 100th anniversary to , which has supported countless women in their right to choose!
  • Hillary Clinton used to talk a lot like Donald Trump on immigration—as recently as 2015, in fact.
  • . addresses immigration, police issues, Middle East
  • Expecting people of color to fear Donald Trump after all we've been through the last 200 years, is absurd. Invest your vote.
  • Don't waste your vote on the two-party system. Invest your vote in a movement that will create a welcoming path to citizenship.
  • Vote for Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in New York, !
  • Democrats think they deserve immigrants' votes. Choosing Hillary Clinton only means more deportations, detentions + night raids.
  • Bill Clinton and the Democrats actually created "Trumpismo" in immigration: Deportations, detentions, death in the desert and night raids.
  • Hillary Clinton has neither rejected her husband's catastrophic immigration law nor the monstrous immigration machine it created.
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  • Bill Clinton's immigration law allowed Obama to deport 3 million immigrants—more immigrants than all presidents combined have deported.
  • Trump denies climate change while Hillary tells environmentalists to "get a life."
  • Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton signed one of the most anti-immigrant laws in history, which has ripped apart of millions of families.
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