Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fox picks up our story on Bill Clinton's 'Energizer Bunny' affair

The latest Tweets from WikiLeaks:

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    Gavin Macfadyen, beloved director of WikiLeaks, now takes his fists and his fight to battle God. Sock it to him, forever, Gavin. -JA
  • A bloody year for WikiLeaks
  • Did you know: Gavin Macfadyen was arrested with Bernie Sanders, was a body double for Nick Nolte & was banned from South Africa & the USSR?
  • Gavin Macfadyen was mentor to Assange (and his closest friend in London), to WikiLeaks' Sarah Harrison, Joseph Farrell and many others.
  • Statement by wife Susan Benn on the death of her husband & WikiLeaks board member, Prof Gavin MacFadyen
  • Fox picks up our story on Bill Clinton's 'Energizer Bunny' 'affair'
  • This constant effort to smear people who oppose the Clintons as stealth Trump supporters is incredibly odious and has poisoned US discourse.
  • Swedish arms magnate with Swedish PM in toe head off to Saudi Arabia, which helped to arm ISIS, to sell more arms
  • Leak early, leak often: If WikiLeaks had obtained Clinton emails earlier, US voters could have chosen Sanders v Trump. So do it. Do it now.
  • Clinton insider on Faiz Shakir-CAP VP & EIC of Think Progress & Sanders speech writer: "He's a fucker."
  • "US is no longer a democracy" "Guess it takes a study to point out the obvious" billionaire to Clinton chief
  • The new sober cover of the Economist, which is controlled by Lynn de Rothschild, Clinton's "loyal adoring pal"
  • Michael Tracey on the new establishment conformism running through the western social prestige classes
  • Did you know: That WikiLeaks has a perfect, decade long record of authentication?
  • SWEDHR: Sweden’s unethical – and unlawful ­­– arms deals with ISIS-backing Saudis
  • Finance billionaire Hebert Sandler to Clinton's campaign chief John Podesta
  • Hillary Clinton's increasingly strained relationship with the left