Sunday, January 29, 2017

The media falls apart again


Military veterans were dumbfounded and furious when it became clear over the weekend that President Donald Trump’s executive order barring the admission into the United States of people from seven majority-Muslim countries keeps out interpreters who’d risked their lives helping U.S. forces in Iraq.
“They better make a damn exception, because we are here because of them,” said Andrew Biggio, a former Marine sergeant who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. “Our lives, our families, we have everything to thank for our interpreters. We owe them, we owe them, we owe them.”

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Do we owe them?

Do we owe them, Andrew Biggio?

Then why the hell didn't you speak up before now.

You had the last year of Barack's first term to speak up and you had the whole second term to speak up.

Where were you?

Was your head up your ass for five straight years?

Suddenly, you're concerned?


Maybe next time don't wait over five years.

While he was saying nothing in the last five years -- check the archives -- we were calling it out.

Because we were actually concerned about these people and not just using them as a political football to score points.

I was actually surprised this article wasn't written by the great poser Hannah Allam.

Remember, we also called her out.

She showed up at that event pretending she cared.

And we pointed out that she hadn't written about the topic and hadn't even bothered to Tweet about it.

Her Twitter feed is a sewer of misinformation and lies.

This is stunning. The executive branch is straight up defying a court order right now.

Is is stunning, Chris?

Are you really that much of a whore?

Your wife worked for the Barack Obama administration, remember?

[Kate Shaw, she was Associate Council for Barack  -- Hayes' brother also worked on both of Barack's presidential campaigns.]

She's damn well aware of Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, ignoring a court order.

And, matter of fact, so are you, Chris.

It was over the Camp Ashraf residents, as you damn well remember.

Stunning, honestly?

Can you whore anymore, Chris?

I have no respect for these whores who spent the last 8 years acting as if everything was normal when it was most surely not normal.

I have no respect for them suddenly discovering 'outrage' now that Donald Trump is president.

They didn't give a damn about those trapped in Iraq for the last eight years.

Now suddenly -- we're supposed to believe -- they're concerned?

The American people are not stupid.

That's how the media had destroyed itself.

They think they can con the American people.

They think we're that stupid that we don't know what took place in the last 8 years and that we don't know they refused to cover it.

The media is a bunch of cheap whores whose delicate sensibilities are offended because they see Donald as crass and bombastic -- a bull in a china shop -- so they intend to hold him accountable for all the things they gave Barack a pass on.

They're full of crap.

They don't realize that they tried that already with Hillary.

All those editorial board endorsements, all that pro-Hillary coverage, all the crap.

It didn't allow Hillary to win because the American people caught on that the real fake news was from bulls**t operations like MCCLATCHY NEWS that lie about everything -- including that they opposed the Iraq War.

They did not.

MCCLATCHY existed in the lead up to the Iraq War and printed one pro-war story after another.

KNIGHT RIDDER was the outlet that provided actual reporting.

MCCLATCHY bought them out and took over in July of 2006.

MCCLATCHY was pro-war.

As was Hannah Allem who now likes to play up her ethnicity to pretend like she is offended -- horrified -- by what is going on.

She's a damn liar.

And if KNIGHT RIDDER had been around in 2007 and 2008, the genocide of the Sunni population would not have been hidden the way it was by Hannah and so many other MCCLATCHY employees.

They will have to pay for that.

History will look back on it and recognize the lies they told.

And they told those lies despite their Iraqi correspondents telling them what was happening.

They chose to lie.

They are corporate whores.

They are not truth tellers, they are part of the corrupt system that has sold war repeatedly.

Now they are determined to take Donald Trump and they will use any excuse to do so.

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