Saturday, February 04, 2017

People are exalting a phantom enemy (Michael Tracey)

Some Michael Tracey Tweets:

  • Curiously-placed pianos -- Corsicana, TX
  • The person who composed this massively viral (yet false) tweet has now locked her account. Oh well!
  • The reason he gets it is because he has actually studied how the conservative movement/media works. Unlike most of these self-aggrandizers.
  • I agree with 95% of everything has tweeted on Berkeley/Milo -- tough medicine that lots of people don't want to hear. Too bad.
  • Pundits just spent the last 1.5 years warning that Trump is a fascist, and now act surprised when people take that proposition seriously.
  • No one should be surprised that LENIN_LOVER's mindset is ascendant. Absolutely predictable result of declaring that "fascism" has arrived
  • ....should I try going to the Superbowl? (or something Superbowl related?) I'm going to be in Houston, coincidentally.
  • Dept. of Homeland Security is suspending "any and all actions implementing" Trump's immigration order after federal court ruling
  • Official at CUNY Journalism School said Trump was tweeting during Yemen raid. RT'd 40,000 times. Was totally false
  • The guy who wrote that "Flight 93" essay is now working in the White House. Ominous.
  • A quick word on Milo, who I'm annoyed I have to spend any time at all thinking about
  • Overheard at breakfast in Corsicana, TX: older couple talking about Marla Maples
  • The bureaucracy cannot accommodate these continual dramatic changes. It's just a constant state of flux / turmoil.
  • People are exalting a phantom enemy because it's very exciting to feel like you're battling "Nazis." But really you're just fooling yourself
  • Flamboyantly protesting Milo gives him priceless PR, expands his reach, and vindicates his stupid delusions. Really not hard to comprehend.
  • To the people angrily protesting a nobody like Milo, esp the tiny number using violence, newsflash: you're being played by the alt-right.
  • "Are we human, or are we dancer" -- just heard this song for the first time in approximately 7 years. Good!
  • Update: she's now deleted the tweet, after 40,000+ retweets, and who knows how many "quote tweets."
  • Since I wrote this post a few hours ago, the bogus tweet has been retweeted another ~8,000 times.
  • This hugely "viral" tweet is false, and the person who composed it admits she has no evidence for its central claim:
    This Tweet is unavailable.
  • Tweeting Out Falsehoods Isn’t OK Just Because It Makes Trump Look Bad
  • Most commentary on Steve Bannon is insufferably awful, but Thomas Frank nails it in this BBC radio show: