Saturday, February 04, 2017

Do we want organic agriculture or just organic food? (John Stauber)

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    We must smash the 's that killed US . That is the we need, not the damned Dem
  • crime: threatens to name and shame people with skimpy clothes

    1. The Dems ARE a front group. Democratocracy!
    2. Dem of is funding the . That should guarantee defeat! 😂
    3. rules football players at private FBS schools are employees.
    4. Translating : 'Lots of $ here for our failed Dem : . Hey , send more!'
    5. Hanoi poised to name and shame scantily dressed people
    6. ‘The Death of Ivan Ilyich’ tells the story of a wasted life capped with a moment of grace via
    7. to , let by Dem front groups like , will make him stronger, but them richer

    1. No story affected me more than this one when I first read it in HS at age 17 or so, and swore I would never die lamenting my wasted life.