Sunday, January 29, 2017

Yes Joy, please tell us about the wonders of international coporate trade deals. Excellent #Resistance strategy (Michael Tracey)

Some Tweets from journalist Michael Tracey.

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  2. This has to be pointed out again and again.
  3. Many liberals slept while Obama expanded watchlisting and violating of rights at airports. fought it then too with little support.
  4. Much of the policy groundwork for Trump's actions was laid by Obama. Unless people recognize and grapple with this, rings hollow
  5. TV news producers need a "Trump surrogate" who can serve as a foil and create fleeting controversies. Beyond that, it's a pointless exercise
  6. It's long been obvious that interviewing Kellyanne Conway serves no valid informational purpose. She's a pure distraction. Enough already.
  7. Not an informative headline
  8. Federer!!!!!!
  9. ACLU once again proves its indispensability
  10. "Ban" policy would be bad either way, but no reason advance notice couldn't have been given to people already in transit: needlessly cruel
  11. A necessary followup Q. -- would members of non-majoritarian Muslim groups be treated as "religious minorities" under this provision?
  12. You have to be a hyper-sophisticated news consumer to cut through the noise right now. Near-impossible for laypeople
  13. Yup, Obama created list (for extra vetting) Trump then took it and applied total ban.
  14. State Dept: citizens of 7 nations in Trump order with dual-nationality also barred. Meaning UK/Iraqi citizens, for example, can't enter.
  15. Because the big problem with Trump's "ban" is definitely that Russia is not on the list -- thanks Howard
  16. How many people (rightly) upset about Trump's "ban" were similarly upset when Obama was bombing, droning, and de-stabilizing those countries
  17. Yes Joy, please tell us all about the wonders of international corporate trade deals. Excellent strategy