Saturday, March 25, 2017

Iraq War update from Michael Tracey

Some Tweets from journalist Michael Tracey.

  • JJ -- 1 year old. Redondo Beach, CA
  • Iraq War 3.0 update:
  • Highlights from last night's Bill Maher show
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    It'll probably keep flipping between the two. It has since June 2015.
  • Getting hopelessly immersed in alternate universe conspiracy dimensions is all well and good... but maybe leave the young kids out of it.
  • Sad. Not in the "SAD!" sense: just really, genuinely sad.
  • Tracking pundit opinion... November 2016: "Fascism has dawned... a new dictator is born" March 2017: "lol bunch of incompetents! Clownshow"
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    This is so embarrassing
  • Preliminary attempt to figure out what happened:
  • Noted far-right nationalist Tariq Ali on the U.S. response to the annexation of Crimea.
  • There's nothing inherently right-wing or "nationalist" about questioning the efficacy/wisdom of Russia sanctions
  • GOP Healthcare Defeat: “Three-Dimensional Chess,” Or Just Incompetence?
  • 5 Times Donald Trump Praised Socialized Healthcare
  • There was something weirdly shambolic and cynical about this entire (arbitrarily expedited) process -- not 100% sure what to make of it yet.
  • GOP qualms were resolvable with some basic legislating/compromising. NY delegation had already been mollified. But Trump nuked the process.
  • If passage of the bill was ever a sincere priority for Trump he could've simply delayed the vote by... a week? It doesn't make any sense.
  • Trump is reportedly untroubled by the health care failure. This entire thing was almost certainly a bait-and-switch
  • Imagine predicting 2 years ago: "The GOP's first major act upon gaining control of Congress & the Presidency will be to entrench Obamacare"
  • Read this tweet one more time.