Saturday, March 04, 2017

Rania Khalek Tweets

Some Tweets from Rania Khalek

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    Arming Syria's rebels drove the refugee crisis & helped ISIS, which fueled the resurgent far right across the west
  2. Eli knows best.
  3. Eli Lake's views on the Middle East are a far more authentic representation of the region than mine. I'm just an Arab woman. What do I know
  4. I don't claim to speak for anyone, just myself & my experiences in Syria. How much time have you spent in Syria, Eli? How's your Arabic?
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    She blocked me after this. It emerged out of a defense of who is neither rich, white, nor misogynist.
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    America’s longstanding love affair with Salafi jihadist groups
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    . has explicitly promoted & defended Saudi-backed Jaysh al-Islam. No self awareness.
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    After al-Qaeda-linked extremists Ahrar al-Sham claimed credit for downing a Syrian plane, chairman said "Awesome!"
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    From previous RWN guest
  10. No I side w/ reality. Ppl like you wanted to dismantle & replace the state with "moderate" salafi jihadists that behave like Saudi Arabia.
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    This Is What It's Like When A Father Of 4 Is Detained By ICE While Dropping His Daughters Off At School
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    Why the Alt-Center Is a Problem, Too
  13. So disturbing that a looming famine is less of a story than Trump's tweets. His tweets overshadow everything.
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    Let's everyone send money. It will both sustain great journalism and make awful people apoplectic! 😂😂😂
  15. It's the result of a world where 8 billionaires have more wealth than the bottom half of humanity combined.
  16. 110 in Somalia have died from hunger in last 48 hours due to drought and conflict
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    : Ahrar al-Sham has taken responsibility for downing Syria's Mig 21 v Turkish Account. Ahrar is part of Turkey's Euphrates Shield
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    This may be the dumbest take in human history. Equating blowing up innocent brown people to educating a generation.
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    I don't have to agree with views to support her right to publish them and speak about them. Neither do you.