Sunday, April 09, 2017

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    Putin: If the US has evidence of 's Army using chemical weapons, then they should show it. If it is not shown, then it does not exist.
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    Listen to the troops.
  • And who the hell are you, a Senator from Vermont that sold his soul to Hillary, to tell Syrians whether their President stays or goes?
  • The terrorists who murdered Coptic Christians on in today are the very same ones you empowered with your attack on Syria.
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    ISIS murdered at least 43 Christians today in on yet we're focused on toppling Assad who protects Christians in Syria?
  • Syrian Christians celebrate all across . This is possible thanks to the Syrian gov't, which the US wants to overthrow.
  • Tulsi Gabbard: If Trump has proof of a gas attack in , show it to America's ppl before launching an illegal strike on a foreign gov't.
  • Rand Paul about the overthrow of Assad: Who will replace him? Will it be better? Are radical militants better for than Assad?
  • ISIS bombs churches in , killing at least 42. This is what will happen in Syria daily if Assad, who protects Christians, is toppled.
  • Marine Le Pen today: "My role is to protect France and the French. It is ISIS which is coming to kill our children in France, not Assad."
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    Susan Rice was a small story. I broke that for one reason - to prove my much bigger story is true. Stay tuned. Tonight I'm breaking it.
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    Egypt: Christians in two churches slaughtered by ISIS and yet we're talking about toppling a secular leader who is fighting ISIS. Insane.
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia.
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  • You know it's an Orwellian world when a CNN personality praises a 7-year old girl being exploited by her parents as a legitimate news source
  • Again, no confirmation as of yet what this US incursion in southern from Jordan is all about. All we have thus far are mere reports.
  • If true, this would be disastrous. Not just a betrayal of Trump's campaign promises but the implementation of Hillary's policy.
  • Reports of at least 20 US armored vehicles entering from Jordan come as US ambassador to the UN calls for Assad to be removed.
  • BREAKING: US armored vehicles entered from Jordan. Whether this is a routine illegal incursion or something bigger remains to be seen
  • HILLARY LOST THE ELECTION. She'll never be president. Get over it already.
  • You didn't say a word about "Presidents waging war alone" when Obama armed Al-Qaeda in and bombed back to the stone age.
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    Now, a strike against the originating Saudi Arabian airfield is needed for consistency. I am certain that pics of children are on the way.
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    Hi ! Why did you delete this?