Sunday, June 18, 2017

Longer than The Battle of Stalingrad, Sherman's March to the Sea . . .

Iraqi forces begin assault on Mosul’s old city

Yes, The Mosul Slog continues.

Day 242.

It's lasted longer than the Spanish Armada, The Siege of Orleans. Sherman's March to the Sea, The Battle of Galicia, The Great October Socialist Revolution, The Battle of Stalingrad  . . .

Iraqi troops have moved into Mosul's Old City, the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq

242 days.

"It's their last stronghold... They have nowhere to flee." Iraqi forces launch assault on Old City

And counting.

: has repelled the |i army attack on Old City in Western today.

And counting.

The only real accomplishment so far appears to be killing people.

Here's the latest on that:

12 women & children from single family killed in US Coalition strikes on village houses in Tal al-Bashair near |i |n border

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