Wednesday, June 21, 2017

South Central Michigan Greens Look Forward to 2018 at Monthly Meeting June 24

June 24th, the South Central Michigan Greens will hold their monthly meeting at Jackson Coffee Company:

South Central Michigan Greens
Calhoun, Hillsdale, and Jackson Counties Local
People and planet over profit.

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For more information:
Monika Schwab, Local Contact/SCMiGreens

South Central Michigan Greens Look Forward to 2018
at Monthly Meeting June 24 at Jackson Coffee Company

The South Central Michigan Greens will have maps of districts up for 
election next year, and a description of the Green Party's nominating 
process, at its next monthly meeting 5-7pm on Saturday, June 24 at the 
downtown branch of Jackson Coffee Company (201 South Mechanic Street).

John Anthony La Pietra, longtime Elections Co-ordinator for the state 
party and the Green nominee for Michigan House District 63 last year, 
will bring maps of County Commission districts for all three counties 
covered by the local -- Jackson, Hillsdale, and Calhoun.

He will also bring maps for both State Senate Districts touching the 
three counties (the 16th and the 19th) -- and for all five State House 
Districts containing parts of those counties (districts 58, 62, 63, 64, 
and 65).

District 62 is entirely in Calhoun County, and all of District 64 is in 
Jackson County, so candidates for those two seats could be nominated at 
county caucuses instead of at a statewide convention, La Pietra notes. 
He will bring material describing the nominating process both ways.

The Green Party of Michigan is also discussing establishing criteria for 
candidates to show the party -- and interest groups who provide 
information to voters -- that they are serious contenders for the posts 
they are running for.  La Pietra will have the latest information on 
where that discussion stands.

Also to be discussed at the meeting are upcoming activities and other 
ways of reaching out to GPMI members and voters and to others in the 
community who share Green values.

The local was formed earlier this year to bring together Green Party
members and supporters from Calhoun, Jackson, and Hillsdale Counties.
Meetings have been held monthly across the three-county area.

For more details and news about the South Central Michigan Greens,
please visit the local's Facebook page:

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The Four Pillars of GPMI:
    Grassroots Democracy
    Social Justice
    Ecological Wisdom
For our Ten Key Values, add:
    Community-Based Economics
    Future Focus/Sustainability
    Personal and Global Responsibility
    Respect for Diversity