Thursday, November 23, 2017

Why is anyone taking Laraine Newman seriously on Al Franken?

As usual, I have to do the work no one wants to. 

Why are we taking Laraine Newman seriously on her support for 'poor' Al Franken?

We should all be aware that Laraine thinks Al's ass is as firm as basketball.

Why does she think that?

Because she and Al were always going around grabbing each others asses at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

She's talked about this publicly.

But I guess she's so unimportant and her career so pathetic that no one pays attention to her.

So I have to be the bitch again and bring up reality while everyone else plays dumb.

Laraine was part of the raunch culture.  Part of the reason women suffer.

She was grabbing his ass, he was grabbing her ass.

No one should take her seriously in a discussion of harassment until she wants to get honest that what most people find to be harassment, she finds funny and encourages.

Again, I have waited a week for someone else to step forward and point out the obvious.

No one seems able to.

Laraine needs to either get honest or drop out of the conversation.