Friday, August 09, 2019

And one more thing . . .

while I'm screeching online this morning.

Rosanna Arquette.

If you want to mock Patricia, have at it.  Patricia Arquette is a joke in every sense of the word.

Roseanna is a true artist.

Some people are having a fit over what she said.

First off Roseanna has no guile.  She's an honest person.  The remarks she makes, at any time, are what she is actually feeling.  There's no reason for anyone to be bent out of shape by her genuine remarks.

For those who don't know, she Tweeted "I’m sorry I was born white and privileged, It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame."

The response has been violent threats and worse.  Not only that, even pro-woman JEZEBEL is trashing her for what she Tweeted.

Everyone needs to calm the f**k down.

Roseanne Tweeted what she was going through, what she was grappling with.

She did not say this is what everyone should feel.

I get that this is a stressful time for some.  Reperations is finally being addressed on the national stage -- not seriously and not with any real thought but it's a topic that has come up in the debates.  Demographics over the next forty years have also upset some.

Along comes Roseanna, speaking only for herself, and for those having discomfort over a changing world (the world will always be a changing world, get used to it), the answer is to make Roseanna their pinata.

She spoke for her.  She spoke for what she is going through in the world today.  She is allowed to do that.  She should be encouraged to do that because it is the grappling that she does that creates her art.

Roseanna is a trail blazing actress.  Everyone in the industry knows -- and knew when voting took place -- that they were supporting Patricia for BOYHOOD because of their warmth and admiration for Roseanna.

Roseanna has delivered the goods over and over.  She's done it in great films, she's done in a Jean Claude Van Damme film, for heaven's sake.  She's an artist. 

To get to the truth in her art, she has to get to her truth in her life..  What she Tweeted was her truth.  It doesn't have to be your truth -- truths can co-exist even if they aren't in agreement.

If you didn't share her feelings, grasp that she never said you should.  She was not telling you what to feel, she was not even talking about you.  She was going through her own emotional soul and sharing.

or AFTER HOURS, LIFE LESSONS or PULP FICTION, she has given some of the most layered and textured performances of our time.

You were not required to agree or disagree with her.  She was not talking about anyone but herself nor was she finger pointing. 

People really need to back off.  She spoke only of herself.  If you had an angry or violent reaction to her Tweet, you'd do yourself a favor by asking, "Why was that my reaction?"

I consider Roseanna a friend and maybe in a week when I wasn't in pain still (from last week's surgery), I would have written about this sooner or maybe I'd just ignore the topic.  But I've been debating for days about saying something and seeing, in the public e-mail, that JEZEBEL was slamming Roseanna for her Tweet, that was the last straw for my already bitter mood today.

Roseanna said nothing about anyone but herself.  People need to calm down.

I will mock Patty Arquette.  I know her and I think she's become a joke.  She has one strong performance and she's now using it in every project.  I also think she's a half-wit who seems to believe that listening to KPFA has made her intelligent -- it hasn't.  It has stroked hate that already existed in her and envy -- she's always been envious of Roseanna. 

I love Roseanna and I love David.  Patty's a joke.  More so when you realize that she's gone after money while Roseanna's gone after art.  Patty's whole career has been about gimmie-gimmie-gimmie.  If you have some dire need to mock an Arquette, go after the always laughable Patty.  But Roseanna Arquette has always spoken from a place of love.  Doesn't mean you have to agree with her but the reality is that Roseanna never demands that people agree with her, only that they afford her the same right to speak her truths that she affords others.