Sunday, August 04, 2019

Talking entry

We're going to move slowly through this post and consider it a talking post.  Sorry, I still do not feel well.  I was cut open on Friday and I'm still recovering and still in pain.  I will do an Iraq snapshot on Monday, it may not be first thing in the morning.

An e-mail to the public account likens me to a "poster child for the pro-vaccination movement" -- and they're not happy about that.  Apparently, my not caring a great deal about the hows of my surgery mean I do not properly question the medical industry.

If a doctor I trust recommends surgery, I am going to do it.  Do I want to know what takes place?  No.  I have a very vivid imagination, I do not want to picture it.  That's my choice.

I do not follow medical advice blindly.  But if I am in pain and my doctor says I need surgery to address it and I trust my doctor, I will have that surgery and, no, I don't want to look at pictures of it afterwards, I don't want to know where they cut or what they did.

I have friends who, confronted with a medical issue, will seek out alternative treatments.  More power to them, I support their right to do so.  But that's not me.

I am moving around slowly.  I walked for 20 minutes yesterday and 30 today and am hopeful I'll be able to return to full workouts shortly.  The thing for me -- concern wise -- is my memory and my thinking.  I'm still groggy.  When I came to Friday afternoon, before I wrote "Tulsi Gabbard The Betrayer," the first thing I did was sing.  I asked a friend to give me a song.  That was (a) to see if I could still hit the notes and (b) to see if my memory was okay.  He suggested "Twist My Arm" by the Pointer Sisters (a song I love) and I managed it semi-okay.  (Got the words right but with the tube that had gone down my throat earlier, some of the notes were squeakers.)

BUZZFLASH.  They're back or something.  I'm being sent things constantly.  I'm really not interested in Trump is the devil.

If you've got solutions, please advertise those.

But "Trump did this! Trump did that!"  I'm so not interested.  I have a real life where I deal with real issues.  There are wars going on, might we address those?

I'm really not interested in what Donald Trump said or Tweeted this time.

BUZZFLASH wrote me off years ago, seriously, they were done with me.  Fine, I didn't lose any sleep.  I never wanted to be part of the circle jerk and I never lied about politics.  I do find it ironic that now they're e-mailing me constantly.

I'll note things if they are of value.

I noted BUZZFLASH once already and that may be the only time we do.

They walked away from the Iraq War and from other issues.

I had agreed to talk about immigrant issues today -- had agreed back at the end of May -- and I did take part in that today.  The point I made -- and many present agreed -- is that a Democrat in the White House after the 2020 election is going to be interesting.

They could -- and did -- walk away from the wars after they were put in power.  They got away with that crap (in some ways they didn't, voter enthusiasm tanked) because the wars take place outside the United States and a craven and complicit media that doesn't report on them helps hide those wars.

Do you think they're going to be able to hide the immigration issue?

They're not.

They probably think they can walk away from it, but they can't.

They've made promises.  They've attacked Donald Trump as racist for this plan or that (several of which were plans Nancy Pelosi supported in the '00s).  They can't walk it back.

It's going to be something to watch them get into power and then think they can do nothing as usual.

The American people won't stand for it.  This is on our shores.  A few cosmetic fixes are not going to suffice.

They will have to deliver true immigration reform and address the very real needs of immigrants.

Barack Obama was the deporter-in-chief and some of us called him out in real time.  But most iddn't.  And to state that now makes some of his administration cranky.

Too damn bad.  This isn't about your hero.  This isn't about the guy you jerk off too.

This is about human lives.

So is war but the wars were swept out of sight for many adults.

Not for young adults.  They're aware of the wars and that these wars have been their entire lives.  But craven and complicit adults have gone along with a do-nothing Congress that has allowed these wars to continue day after day.

I'm also tired of the whoring.

John Dean is a convicted felon.  BUZZFLASH and others need to stop celebrating him.

I seem to remember after John Phillips (Mamas and the Papas) got busted and was on his promotional tour -- he had to do p.s.a.s and other things -- I seem to remember Phil Donahue having him on as a guest.  Does anyone else remember that?  And Phil called him out and compared him to who?

John Dean.  Phil said he was only speaking now because he got caught.  Just like John Dean.

John Dean is not a hero.  It is a rewriting of history to present him as anything other than a felon who attacked our democracy.  He committed real crimes.  He got a light sentence because he snitched on his buddies.  But he is a felon and what he did is inexcusable.

For BUZZFLASH or CNN or anyone else to treat him as someone to listen to is appalling.

We either have standards or we don't.

The push to make Bully Boy Bush a nice guy is equally offensive.  He spied on Americans, he destroyed countries, he is a War Criminal.

Your hatred for Donald Trump -- as great as it may be -- does not justify rewriting history.

Donald can be a one term president.

But more and more, it doesn't look like he will be.

You defeat Donald with truth.

Joe Biden has no truth to offer.  He's compromised and he does not inspire.  People serious about electing a Democrat should be calling for Joe to drop out.  Two debates now have shown him to be not up to even running for the nomination.  The last debate was the worst as he was confused on stage repeatedly -- not just with regards to who Cory Booker was, but, yes, there was that.

If you want Donald gone, you need to start insisting that certain individuals leave the campaign.  That doesn't mean that they will and they have every right to stay in.

But Joe needs to leave and so does Tulsi Gabbard, John Hickenlooper, John Delaney, Michael Bennet, Tim Ryan, and one more I'm forgetting.

Amy, Kamala, Kirsten, Elizabeth, Bernie, Corey, Mayor Pete, Beto and Julian should stay in.

They're addressing serious issues.  Who would I vote for?

Probably Bernie or Elizabeth or Kirsten at this point. [Added: I completely forgot Marianne Williamson whom I would be happy to vote for.  My apologies.  She is a serious candidate.]

But these are serious candidates who can give a real challenge to Donald Trump.

Tulsi has had months to address her meeting with Bashar al-Assad.  I honestly don't think it was a bad thing.  When Barbara Walters was going to interview him awhile back, I supported her on that.  But I do think it's a sign of Tulsi's failures that, all these months after declaring her run for the presidential nomination, she still cannot address this topic in a mature manner.  Instead, her response is to call it an attack or a right-wing talking point or this or that.

She did it.  She did it and she wanted to do it.  So make the case for why you did it and move on.  Stop whining.

Her immaturity does not speak well for her.

She has a host of other issues and baggage but everyone knows that if she were the nominee -- or got the vice presidential nod -- that Donald would bring up the visit with Bashar.  And she still can't address it without getting defensive and acting as though her feelings have been hurt.

I'm not writing off the Green Party or anyone else.  I will follow Adam Kokesh's campaign, absolutely.

But if people want to talk about the need to defeat Donald Trump, part of that need is clearing the stage.  Joe doesn't belong it and a host of others do not belong as well.

And Tulsi doesn't belong on the ticket.  Let's address that while we're being honest.  The ticket is to balance.  You choose a running mate that will play to the main nominee's weaknesses.  Tulsi doesn't do that for anyone especially not geographically.  Hawaii will go for the ticket no matter who is on it.

We need real debates and I'm sorry for Eric and other friends who are wetting their panties but 2009 is not good enough.  Going backwards is not good enough.  In 2020, we don't need to resurrect Barack.  That day is done.  We need better and one of Hillary's failures in 2016 was her inability to draw a line between her campaign and Barack's administration.  That was a tough dance for anyone so I will cut her slack but we always need to be about improving and making things better.

Okay, Kat's "Kat's Korner: Drake comes up short yet again" went up earlier today and Isaiah's latest comic will go up after this.

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