Saturday, September 14, 2019

The people stand up to the media and Joe Biden's racism

  1. I truly don’t understand how people are shocked about Julian Castro when Joe Biden’s answer about institutionalized racism was by far the problematic answer. Especially for someone who is the front runner of the Democratic Party.
  2. Please sign if you agree that we need Julián Castro at the next debate. The way he stands up to Joe Biden regarding immigration systemic racism and healthcare are important.

  1. Finally, the media coverage we’ve been waiting for to call out Joe Biden’s racism, which was on full display last night. Of course, it had to be done by an African American media outlet....
  2. I have no problem with what Julian Castro and Cory Booker said about Joe Biden. This is a conversation about the issue. White liberals in Moderat do not want to confront racism in the Democratic Party. They want you to shut up and vote for Joe Biden.
  3. post-debate pundits went after Julián Castro by misinterpreting a comment during a heated exchange about policy as an attack on Joe Biden’s age — & they said nothing about Joe Biden addressing systemic racism by saying poor minority families should play more records/music at home

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    Also, until I see these same people discussing their concerns over Joe’s very insensitive, steeped in bigotry, answer to the racism question, I take none of these Castro “misinterpretationists” seriously.
  2. I need to get off this website today. White political twitter castigating Julián Castro whilst crowning Joe Biden as a success and not even mentioning his racism is about to give me an aneurism. ✌🏽

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    I do not always support you reviews but when you’re right you’re right. It sure you the racism from white liberal Democrats. We will be out rage for Julian Castro. Silence about Joe Biden racism No outrage.
  2. I just told a black voter who didn't watch debate about Joe Biden and his ridiculous answer on racism and talking about a record player. Julián Castro did voters a favor! Biden had more unforced errors that too many white folks and old pundits are trying to cover up. Too late!
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    The punditry at large is so blind to everyday casual racism they didn’t see flailing and inflaming on race yet were quick to jump on and call him ageist for pointing out the obvious Biden did not win
  4. This is such an important read about bias and : Post-Debate Analysis: Joe Biden Is a White Man, the Media Are Racist Against Julián Castro and Black People Are Out of Their Goddamn Minds via
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    I think it’s that. I also think it’s that everyone can see that Joe Biden is not well and almost everyone universally is enabling him to continue when he should drop out. Castro wasn’t playing along and called Biden out on his cognitive decline as much as his racism.

  1. Institutional racism is real. The media has been unfair to . A brown man calls out a white man and the media and middle America have a meltdown.
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    White gays do it to PoC who are challenging their racism. Cis men of color do it to white women calling out their sexism. Hetero women do it to gay men calling out their homophobia.

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    What research is that? Are you claiming that there is research showing that the best way to repair the legacy of racism is to send social workers and psychologists into black homes? Because that’s what Biden appeared to say.
  2. I dont blame for asking The media, & centrists coming out against Julian is pure and simple racism, institutional white supremacy. If Joe called out Julian in exactly the same issue, all above would be applauding.
  3. I’ve seen more tone policing towards than outrage over the fact that is still running and it’s really indicative of people’s politics. Joe’s history of institutional racism, sexism, and overall mediocrity is more palpable than... 1/2

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    Man. On CNN they are avoiding the fact that when pressed about his past dismissive comments on legacies of racism, Biden responded with poor people don't know how to raise kids. "We bring social workers into homes and parents to help them deal with how to raise their children."
  2. It's pretty telling the white fragility that pops up any time one of candidates of color criticize Biden. It wasn't mean. It's called differentiating between the plans. Anyone who saw that as mean needs to examine some latent racism. First Harris, then Booker, now Castro.

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    If political discourse is too “mean” for you. Maybe you should try knitting
  2. A lot of the mainstream media is lying about Julián Castro to defend Joe Biden. Joe Biden said people would have to opt in to his healthcare plan. Chris Matthews has to read the line where Joe said “buy in” and STILL said Castro was lying when the transcript was right there.

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    If Biden can’t handle something this mild, he should drop out now.

  1. It's interesting how much the media is tearing into for pointing out what literally every voter who doesn't support mentions EVERYDAY: HE IS TOO OLD! Only the news media thought it was a cheap shot.
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    I was also watching live and reacted similarly to Castro. The fact that we all have to interpret what Biden meant -- at multiple points in the debate-- is a huge problem. His policies are subpar and he does not appear mentally fit.