Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Bye, Bernie, don't let the screen door hit you

Among the gasping sobs, one could hear a loud cackle this morning as Hillary Clinton and the rest of America learned Bernie has dropped out of the race.

David Sirota Tweeted:

It was a good campaign against the odds in every single way & has clearly changed the course of history for the better. Feel bad but also feel proud — and feel hopeful that Trump will be defeated and the movement for real change will grow. It will. #InThisTogether

Campaign co-chair Nina Turner Tweeted:

Thank you

, the #Bernie2020 Campaign Family. We changed the entire political narrative. This nation will never be the same because of our great work. The struggle continues. We. Fight. On! It continues 2be my great honor to be a leader in our movement!

Bernie has dropped out of the race.


Seems sort of cowardly and a betrayal.  I'm not a Bernie groupie.  I never was.  I was supporting his campaign and thank you for the slap in the face, Bernie.

I have better things to do than back cowardly politicians.

If Bernie gets $2,000 a month for adult Americans throughout the pandemic, I'll give him credit for that.  But if he bailed on everyone and didn't get something out of it for the American people?

He's as worthless as I said he was in 2015.

Put your tail between your legs, Bernie, again.  I'd hoped that the movement built behind him would elevate him but you can't elevate Bernie.  He'll always be the guy who, as the VA scandal broke, chaired a Veterans Affairs Committee hearing and opened it by saying they wouldn't focus on this news of veterans deaths but on real issues . . . holistic healing.

Getting why I never liked Bernie?

Again, I thought the people behind him, average voters and, yes, campaign staff, might elevate him.  But here we are in the midst of a pandemic and Bernie could stay in the race and use it to draw needed attention to actual issues effecting the people.  But instead he runs to hide like a coward.  Another Dennis Kucinich.

They talk so big and then they never deliver.

They talk so big.

"They do that . . . and then they cum" -- as Dianne Wiest says in PARENTHOOD.

I'm sure some people will be writing fond pieces to Bernie.

Not me.  I don't worship politicians.  They work for us.  And Bernie led us on forever and a day and then bowed out when he was most needed.  Like a coward.

Nina Turner and David Sirota did some strong work and I praise them.  I praise the people who believed in Medicare For All and fought for it thinking that Bernie would keep fighting with them.  I don't praise Bernie.  Sorry.  He's a politician.  He has one job: To deliver.  Instead he folded.

So just go away, already.

We need courage and strength and leadership.  Clearly, you weren't up for the task.

Joe's not up for it either.  It's time to move seriously to a draft Andrew Cuomo or Gavin Newsom movement.  Joe is not up to the task and the reason for introducing someone new at the convention has just been provided: There was no real competition.  26 primaries to go and Joe's the only candidate.  Draft a leader because we don't need alleged rapist Joe who hides when it gets tough and, in his visible moments, most often comes off senile.  And, honestly, Joe against Donald Trump probably means four more years of Donald Trump.

Rafi Schwartz (MIC) notes:

With Sanders out, Democrats have essentially settled on (or are resigned to) nominating Biden, whose campaign started slow amid his many verbal gaffes and apparently low enthusiasm from early-state voters. In recent weeks, Biden has offered uneven, largely bland responses to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — a sign of his lingering faith that he can broker compromise in a fractured nation and his preference for appearing as a stable corrective to President Trump’s political mania.
Biden has also faced increasing calls to address allegations of sexual assault from Alexandra Tara Reade, who claimed he’d attacked her in 1993 while she was a member of his Senate staff. Biden's camp has denied Reade's allegation, but the candidate himself hasn't offered public comment.

Americans deserve better than a relic from the 70s like Joe Biden.  Americans deserve better than a lame candidate who isn't sure he'd seek a second term -- because he's not sure his sickly rear will survive one term.  It's time for Joe to drop out.

Andrew or Gavin.

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