Saturday, May 16, 2020

Some Tweets from Wagatwe Wanjuki

Wagatwe Wanjuki:

Yup. And this is why I wasn't happy to hear Biden lean into "the media must investigate!" like...he's calling on a racist sexist media that perpetuates rape myths and covers up for abusers all the time?

Dr. Njoki Ngumi:

Replying to @wagatwe
It seems media strategy re. rape reports = legal strategy of rapist defense. - character assassination of the person who was raped ("what a bad person she's always been, must be lying") - character resurrection of the rapist ("what a good person he's always been, must be a lie")

Wagatwe Wanjuki:

The media--which is not at all impartial and is influenced by personal careerism, lack of training, a racist and racist culture, and capitalism--is like, the last place I'd want rape adjudicated if I wanted a chance at fair fight.