Sunday, April 11, 2021

#DetoxCity Delhi Women On Public Transport Ft. Greenpeace India | Feminism In India


In a highly polluted city like Delhi, many rely on public transport to not just travel but also as a substitute to personal vehicles as a means to travel sustainably. But what do women in Delhi feel about public transport? Today, we at FII, in collaboration with Greenpeace India's #DetoxCity campaign, are talking public transport, women's experiences with public transport in Delhi and much more! #DetoxCity's 'Pedal Towards Empowerment' campaign aims to empower women low-wage earners by providing them 5000 bicycles to build a community of independent and environmentally conscious cyclists, as there's no sustainability without equity. To donate right now, visit: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Feminism In India: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Telegram: Newsletter: