Friday, October 15, 2021

broadcast tv featured more women in starring roles in 1976

Rebecca notes the numbers:

t.v. has gotten worse for women

well it was a weird monday. nothing to write about tv wise with both 'dynasty' and 'animal kingdom' having wrapped up for the season. i really haven't seen anything i love, love, love. i am enjoying the show on fox on tuesday nights - 'our kind of people.' i'm also interested in abc's upcoming 'queens.'

but i would argue this is a really disappointing t.v. season. it's hard to say exactly which new program is the worst thing airing on t.v. because the networks are offering such unwatchable garbage.

it's a shame that ava and c.i. are the only critics who bother to note how little women are part of these fall presentations. year after year, it's them. and then when spring rolls around, some terry-gross airhead will show up and say 'oh, i just noticed that last fall there were no shows led by a female star.

i also remember how, in previous decades, we thought we had it bad in terms of women's programming but, looking back, it was nothing compared to how bad it is today. the early 80s? you had nell and addie on 'gimmie' a break' and you had kate and allie on 'kate and allie.' i'd kill to have that kind of friendship between 2 women on a sitcom today. women really don't exist as leads. i think we got fooled previously because of all the heavy lifting shond rhimes did on this - we didn't realize tht things were already going badly. but with her 'scandal,' 'how to get away with murder,' 'private practice,' et al we were not seeing how poorly things were getting.

sunday nights? cbs has queen latifah in 'the equalizer.'

monday nights? there is no show with a female lead.

tuesday nights? there's abc's 'the bachelorette' and fox's 'our kind of people.' (next week, abc will start airing 'queens.')

wednesday nights? there's the cw's 'batwoman.'

thursday nights? abc's 'grey's anatomy' and 'big sky.'

friday nights? the cw's 'nancy drew.'

if you don't realize how bad that is, let's drop back to fall 1976 when there was only abc, cbs and nbc.

sunday nights? abc had 'nancy drew.' cbs had ;the sonny & cher' show. (cher was the show. that was obvious when sonny went solo.)

monday nights? cbs had 'rhoda' and 'phyllis' and 'maude.'

tuesday nights? abc had 'laverne & shirley.' nbc had 'police woman.' cbs had 'one day at a time.'

wednesday nights? abc had 'the bionic woman' and 'charlie's angels.' cbs had 'alice.'

thursday nights? abc had 'the nancy walkershow.'

nothing on fridays.

saturdays? cbs had 'the mary tyler moore show.'

13 programs in the fall of 1975. if we're generous we can pretend that there are 8 [now].

let's not pretend that things are better.

 by the way, check out ava and c.i.'s 'TV: The Franceses Are Alwyas Lying.'