Monday, October 11, 2021

Why Society NEEDS Poverty and the Poor

 This video explains how it is that progressive attempts to contain and sometimes even remedy poverty often end up deepening, institutionalizing, human suffering. It includes an excerpt from Mark Fisher’s classic book “Capitalist Realism" and features a short interview with a first responder on Skid Row named Lavit Maas.

Relevant Book Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher Support Zero Books on Patreon: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Zero Books Manifesto: The modern world is at an impasse. Disasters scroll across our smartphone screens and we’re invited to like, follow or upvote, but critical thinking is harder and harder to find. Rather than connecting us in common struggle and debate, the internet has sped up and deepened a long-standing process of alienation and atomization. Zero Books aims to work against this trend