Friday, October 15, 2021

Max Blumenthal & NYC Teachers for Choice on Mass Layoffs, Kyrie & more


Max Blumenthal and Garrett from NYC Teachers for Choice join Redspin Sports host & Jersey City public school teacher, Nate Wallace, to discuss the effects of mass layoffs of workers in NYC and beyond, and the increasingly hysterical discourse in response to news that Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving will not be allowed to play this NBA season. Regardless of your thoughts on mandates, it's important to honestly assess what all this means for the working class in this country, and the future of people's struggles in an era when profound schisms within the working class on the issue of mandates and mass layoffs are starting to reveal themselves in a big way. @RedspinSports on Twitter @Nate6Wallace on Twitter @TheGrayzoneNews on Twitter @MaxBlumenthal on Twitter If you enjoy Redspin Sports, please consider supporting our work on Patreon so we can produce more of it. The editing, equipment, podcast hosting, and other costs are the biggest barriers in the way of being able to churn out more content on a consistent basis.