Thursday, July 31, 2008

Martha tells VIBE to f**k the hell off

[Community member Martha asked that the following be posted in full. She's responding to this crap -- not worksafe due to language -- here. I've added some links to back up Martha's points. Title was written by Martha.]

Martha: Vibe's a sewer of ignorance. I saw "The Nappy Diatribe," "One man's throat-chopping reportage" and you knew it was a man, didn't you? I wanted to leave a comment objecting to the non-stop lies, so I registered. I still can't leave a comment even after registering. It shows me logged in. I considered sending them an e-mail but I figure they'd blow it off.

So let me salute the LIARS at Vibe for LYING and promoting HATRED OF WOMEN. This Black woman won't stand for it.

Who the hell told you that you were a journalist?

You're nothing but a LIAR who can't even do research before putting out your LIES.

Ignorance is an ugly think so you're obviously a very ugly man.

He wastes three paragraphs dissin' various rappers and showing off that his mouth is actually a gutter.

Then he gets to his big lies.

I'm reminded of my mid-concert petulance this election season by the deafening silence of all the feminist activists concerning the treatment of Michelle Obama, especially considering how forcefully vocal they were every time Hillary was the victim of sexism both real and imagined. A few months ago you couldn't throw a rock without hitting some scathing article by a pen-wielding woman concerning the legitimate concerns about insensitive comments made by a few knuckle dragging pundits, or some passionate supporter of womens rights arguing their case on some garden variety cable news show. [. . .] I just knew that if Obama became the Democratic Nominee that Michelle could count on that same passion and unwavering support from those same feminist activists who so forcefully had Hillary's back. Unfortunately, there has been nothing but cricket sounds thus far, proverbial tumbleweeds if you will.

Let's deal with the LIES first and I'll just call the man "PIG" since he doesn't put his name to his garbage post.

Pig, Feminist Wire Daily (of the Feminist Majority Foundation) did two items on sexism against Hillary starting in January and ending in May. They've done more than that on Michelle Obama this month alone. [C.I.: Such as here, here, and here.] Why don't you try reading, you stupid idiot? NOW has called out the sexism. [C.I.: Such as here and here.] The Women's Media Center has called it out.

If you're hearing "cricket sounds," it's because you're a SEXIST PIG who doesn't pay any attention to women to begin with. You're a disgusting piece of trash, posting lies to protect Barack Obama. I've seen this game play out and you are played out, PIG. No one's buying it anymore. Everyone's caught on that Barack got to where he is by using sexism. So you can LIE and claim that Michelle got no support. You're a LIAR.

You're an IDIOT.

You're a FOOL.

And you're played out.

As a Black woman who is a feminist, let me further add that Michelle Obama doesn't deserve s**t from the feminist movement and I think they should let her deal with whatever comes down all on her own. Gender doesn't make someone a feminist.

Hillary Clinton is a feminist. Feminists should have defended her. The reality was most were silent. And the reason was because of THUGS like you. Slapping 'em down, trashing 'em. Making them afraid to call your s**t out.

Get it, Two Cents, I ain't scared of your lying, thug ass.

I'll be damned if you're going to attack feminsim and think your hate's going to sell.

I'm reminded yet again that one of my biggest problems as a Black woman is the small but vocal segment of Black men who work overtime to hold a sista down.

As usual, Black women are just supposed to shut up and take this abuse. We're supposed to pretend that we're not women. I'm not playing that game and I'm not selling out my gender for some bi-racial man that's not even Black. I've had it with Hop on the Bandwagon for Barack.

I've had it with women being disrespected and dissed and trashed and slimed. I've had it with that coming from some Black men. Kiss my ass, Vibe, I've had it with you.

This is PIG oink-oinking some more:

Their telling silence when it comes to defending Michelle is deafening, and it is going to make it hard for me to reward them with my undivided attention the next time they are addressing substantive issues on my television screen. I'll be tempted to give them a spirited "Hell NO!" as if I was asked a pretty pedestrian question during a lackluster performance, and proceed to waive my middle finger in the air like I just don't care.

There hasn't been silence. There should be. Michelle Obama is not a feminist. The feminist movement needs to focus their energies on feminist issues. Barack got the nomination by using sexism.

The feminist movement is not all White but a number of the leaders are. I want to make it real clear to them that they are not helping this Black woman by wasting energies to defend Michelle so that Barack can get into the White House.

Not after he used sexism, not after he put those homophobes onstage in South Carolina.

The feminist movement cannot educate or reach men like PIG. They won't admit but they are sexists and they are brothas that will sleep with White women and still be the first to trash White women. Which is why PIG's trashing feminists now. To him, it must be a White plot by White women. He really is that sick.

The feminist movement has let feminists down. Continuing to defend Michelle lets feminism down. She's not a feminist. She never defended Hillary. She added to it. I don't give a damn whether she's becomes First Lady or not.

Glad you got a job, PIG. Hope you don't have a wife and/or kids. If you do, you'll no doubt be fired at some point when you tell a LIE about something someone cares about and, let's face it, PIGS like you and your employer go out of your way not to give a damn about the Black women who get stuck holding the communities together. For that we get called names. For that we get attacked. As Betty so wisely put it back in May, "When Bud Johnson writes or quotes a slam on Black women, when he questions our Blackness, you better believe Black women have every right to scream, 'Enough!' And we should. We're the ones holding the Black community together. And the thanks we get for that is cheap little smears. Our mothers, our grandmothers, our great-grandmothers and on and on got the same thing as well. We haven't had the luxury of 'dropping out' of the larger culture to avoid discrimination. We've faced discrimination in our communities, faced abuse in our own families. We've overcome very real odds and still have a long, long way to go. But we don't get thanked for that. Instead we get questioned. It's tired, it's old (centuries old) and it needs to stop."

We're all supposed to be Michelle -- the little woman behind the man. If we did that, a lot of Black children would be starving because, let's get honest, it's the Black mothers putting the food on the table in most households. I'm real sorry that PIG's ego is so tiny because he's worth so little but this Black woman isn't going to inflate his ego and make him feel good.

He's a LIAR. He's an IDIOT. And I'm sick of having to deal with this in my community. The feminist movement would help me out by realizing that Michelle is not one, does not claim to be one and needs to be left on her own. We're not electing a First Lady, we're electing a president. She can live her life however she wants but there's no need for the feminist movement to equate her with Hillary who is a feminist and who was running for president.

That's something PIG doesn't grasp. He thinks, "Oh, they're both women!" One's a feminist, one's not. One was running for president. It's a whole other level and until the feminist movement grasps that, I get stuck having to live with this crap. The two women are not the same.

To PIG, it's all the same because he reduces us to nothing but vaginas though I doubt he'd use that term. Feminists know better. It's time they demonstrated it.