Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Julie Borowski's comedic take on the unconstitutional spying

Above is Julie Borowski's "NSA Surveillance: Don't Care. I've Got Nothing to Hide" video.  She's a Libertarian and she's commenting on Barack's unconstitutional spying.  In the video, she plays a variety of roles.  I'm providing the transcript because Hilda pointed out that "CC" doesn't always mean "Closed Captioning."  Hilda (who does the community newsletter Hilda's Mix) was online last night and saw this video.  She hit "CC" to see what was being said and e-mailed me that there's no way this is what Borowski is actually saying.  She's correct, the "Closed Captioning" is all messed up in the video.

Julie Borowski:  As we all know the NSA has been secretly collecting phone records of millions of Americans.  Wait for it, wait for it.

Pony Tail Girl:  I don't care.  I have nothing to hide.  Only if you're doing something wrong should you be worried.

Julie Borowski:  Oh really?  Send me all your text messages, e-mails and browser history, bank records, medical records,

Pony Tail Girl:  What?  No.  That is none of your business.

Julie Borowski:  Exactly.  When did the government become a jealous girlfriend?

Jealous Girl Friend in the midst of beauty regime:  Uhm, honey, who just texted you?  Tell me!  Can I look at your phone?  What are you hiding?  You wouldn't put up this fight unless you had something bad to hide. I need to know who you were talking to at all times.  

Julie Borowski:  Here's the thing, privacy isn't simply about hiding bad things.  Some people have it apparently in their minds that, "Oh, privacy.  That's for terrorists and cheating boyfriends."  Privacy is the right to control information about yourself.  You get to decide what you want to share with who, what, when and where.  We all have things we want to keep to ourselves or with a small group of people.  Do you want your boss to know about that one night in Vegas?  Mmm-hmm.  Do you want your friends to know about those embarrassing health questions you have to Google? And you may want to keep that Star Wars action figure collection you have under wraps.  Privacy is for people who are not Kim Kardashian.  We're uncomfortable with all our private details and our private parts out there.  And that's called being a normal, decent human being.  We should be able to freely pursue what we enjoy on our own terms.  Freedom -- whether it's embarrassing, nerdy, controversial, weird -- things that will definitely freak out your mom. When government is snooping, you lose choice, control and freedom.  There's somebody watching your every move.  You feel restricted. You can't be yourself.  It's crippling.

[Sings a line from the chorus of Rockwell's Motown hit "Somebody's Watching Me:"  "I always feel like somebody's watching me." ]

Julie Borowski:  The government spying on innocent people with no reasonable suspicion that they're doing anything wrong is wrong.  If you are doing nothing wrong, you should not be treated like an evil, child molesting, murdering, raping terrorist.  If you're not a terrorist, good for you.  But you have to admit that the government monitoring our birthday calls to Grandma is uncalled for.  So it's like this, the terrorists want to destroy our freedom so the government responds to the terrorism threat by destroying our freedom.  What?

Again, Julie Borowski portrays all the characters in the video.  Thanks to Hilda for passing it on.  A reminder, many people are left out of the conversation when efforts aren't made to reach them.  Hilda, for example, identifies as deaf and depends upon Closed Captioning and transcripts for information provided in audio.  While it's great that YouTube has made some efforts towards Closed Captioning, it would be even better if YouTube would provide accurate Closed Captioning.  Those with listening issues, those who are hard of hearing and those who are deaf are just as concerned about the government's unconstitutional spying as anyone else and they have every right to be included in the conversation we're supposedly having about it now as a nation.

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