Saturday, August 03, 2013

39 deaths reported in Iraq today

National Iraqi News Agency reports that 1 police officer was shot dead outside his Falluja home, 3 Sahwa were shot dead northeast of Baquba, a Qadisiya bombing killed a father and his son, a mother and her child were stabbed to death in Basra, a roadside bombing south of Mosul claimed the lives of 5 Iraqi soldiers, a home invasion in Abu Khamis village left 3 women dead, a roadside bombing outside Baquba claimed the life of 1 person and left six more injured, 2 people were shot dead in a Muqdadiya orchard, an attack in Hammam al-Alil left 2 bodyguards (for a judge) dead, a Muqdadiyah sticky bombing claimed 2 lives (one of which was a Muezzin at a mosque, 1 person was shot dead in Muqdadiyah, 9 suspects were killed in Baghdad and ninety-eight more arrested, and one Sahwa was kidnapped at a fake check point in Hilla.  In addition, Al Jazeera reports there was an attack on General Abdul-Amir al-Zaidi's caravan in Adeim and 6 of the general's bodyguards were killed (two more injured).

That's 39 reported deaths and six injured.  In the first two days of August, Iraq Body Count counted 34 deaths.  The United Nations counted 1057 violent deaths in Iraq last month, a monthly total not seen since 2008.  AFP reports that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki delivered an address yesterday insisting that "security has not collapsed."  Today, the White House released the following statement:

The White House
Office of the Vice President

Readout of Vice President Biden’s Call with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

Vice President Biden spoke with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki today. The Vice President expressed his condolences on behalf of the American people for the victims of terrorist violence in Iraq. Both leaders confirmed the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation under the Strategic Framework Agreement to support Iraq's efforts in finding those responsible for the recent attacks and bringing them to justice. The Vice President emphasized that al Qaeda remains a shared enemy of Iraq, the United States, and the entire world. He also noted recent improvements in the political atmosphere and encouraged continued outreach to national and local leaders across the political spectrum. Regarding the situation in Syria, the two leaders discussed the importance of working together to isolate extremists on all sides of the conflict there.

The White House wasn't the only one issuing statements. Today, INTERPOL announced:

INTERPOL issues global security alert advising increased vigilance for terrorist activity

LYON, France – Following a series of prison escapes across nine INTERPOL member countries in the past month alone, including in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan, the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters has issued a global security alert advising increased vigilance.
With suspected Al Qaeda involvement in several of the breakouts which led to the escape of hundreds of terrorists and other criminals, the INTERPOL alert requests the Organization’s 190 member countries’ assistance in order to determine whether any of these recent events are coordinated or linked.
INTERPOL is asking its member countries to closely follow and swiftly process any information linked to these events and the escaped prisoners. They are also requested to alert the relevant member country and INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters if any escaped terrorist is located or intelligence developed which could help prevent another terrorist attack.
Staff at INTERPOL’s 24-hour Command and Coordination Centre and other specialized units are also  prioritizing all information and intelligence in relation to the breakouts or terrorist plots in order to immediately inform relevant member countries of any updates.
August is the anniversary of violent terrorist incidents in Mumbai, India and Gluboky, Russia as well as in Jakarta, Indonesia. This week also marks the 15th anniversary of the US Embassy bombings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in which more than 200 mostly African citizens were killed and 4,000 others injured.
In recent years, terrorist attacks focusing on diplomatic facilities in Afghanistan, Greece, India, Kenya, Libya, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey and Yemen have also resulted in hundreds of casualties of all nationalities.
The US State Department has also issued a global travel alert in response to credible intelligence suggesting that Al-Qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks between now and 31 August, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to the US authorities announcing the one-day closure of more than 20 diplomatic missions on Sunday 4 August, the UK Foreign Office has also confirmed the closure of the British embassy in Yemen on 4 and 5 August.

 INTERPOL should issue an advisory on Nouri and his forces. Ahmed Hussein and Ahmed Valley (Alsumaria) report that Friday's protest in Baghdad's Tahrir Square began peacefully with activists carrying flags of Iraq and flowers and calling for improved public services, bemoaning the deteriorating security and calling for an end to corruption.  Then came the security forces and some of the security forces began beating the protesters. From yesterday's snapshot:

World Bulletin reports today that reporters who attempted to cover a protest in Baghdad's Tahrir Square, "A group of journalists wanted to go to Tahrir Square to follow the protests which are to be held for the improvement of security standards in the state, but were detained by Iraqi security officials, sources said. The journalists' cameras and video cameras were also confiscated."  Nouti's back to imprisoning journalists.  Will anyone bother to condemn his latest attack on the press?

This protest was part of the Consolidated Friday theme and included recognition of International Quds Day.  National Iraqi News Agency notes that it featured "hundreds of members of the League of the Righteous, Hezbollah, Badr Organization and other parties" took part in actions which were "called by Iranian Imam Khomeini."   In Baghdad, All Iraq News notes, hundreds turned out.  Looking at the photo with the article, you'll see that it should probably be changed to "thousands."  They explains "International Quds Day is an annual event that began in Iran in 1979 that is commemorated on the last Friday of Ramadan, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposing Zioneism as well as Israel's control of Jerusalem."  But NINA makes clear, that the Baghdad Tahrir Square demonstration also included those who were "demanding the government to address the security file and the elimination of terrorism as well as the abolition of the use of broken sonar devices in the multiple checkpoints in Baghdad and of other provinces.

Iraqi Spring MC notes that Nouri's SWAT forces cut off roads leading to Tahrir Square.  In addition, the SWAT forces began arresting people in Tahrir Square and downtown Baghdad.  And they turned out in Baghdad's Adhamiya, in Baiji, in Jalawla,  and these protests also took place today in Basra and in Karbala.   The protests have been going on since December 21st (and today's theme was Consolidated Friday which allowed the ongoing protests to also include the Quds focus).

Al Mada reports today that at least two activists are still being held.  Buthaina al-Suhail wants to know where her son Ahmed al-Suhail is?  Another question is why the military grabbed him to begin with?  At some point, Nouri's going to be gone.  Before then, he would be wise to realize that you do not use the military on the people and you certainly do not use the military on peaceful activists.

Unless of course, you're trying to convey that you are no longer a mere despot, you are a War Criminal who will attack your own people.  If that's what Nouri wants to convey, message received.

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