Thursday, November 14, 2013

Barack covers for Bully Boy Bush again

Barack Obama lied throughout 2008 -- it was a fairytale, his so-called objection to the Iraq War.  Bill Clinton called it correctly.  Barack gave into some elderly and overweight smelly radicals (I knew them years before, trust me, they stink) and appeared at a 2002 'rally' (15 or so people) to 'speak out' against the Iraq War before it started.

By the time it started he was on board 100%.  He was now running for the US Senate.  That's when Elaine and I encounter him -- after a hard sell on him from people whose names we're never supposed to mention -- and the first thing we want to know about is Iraq.  But the war's started, he tells us, so it's too late for objections, it must be "successfully prosecuted."  We immediately left and didn't write a check.

We were face to face with the fraud and that might explain why we were immunized from The Cult of St. Barack that emerged in 2007 and 2008.

We knew he was a cheap liar using the Iraq War to get elected.

All these years later, it's still hard for The Cult to admit St. Barack wasn't against the Iraq War.

Not only did he not vote to defund the war when he finally got into the Senate but full of crap Barack rescued the Bully Boy Bush administration by refusing to hold them accountable for their crimes.

He also never met an Iraq War supporter he couldn't find a job for in his administration: John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Chuck Hagel . . .

The list is endless.  Ann Wright resigned from the State Dept in objection to the Iraq War.

Barack had no post for her in the government -- despite Ann being not only a diplomat but, prior to that, Col Ann Wright in the US military.

Somehow that resume didn't impress Barack.

In the latest news of Barack's support for the Iraq War, Al-Arabiya News explains:

The United States is behind the delaying a key report's release showing how the UK went to war with Iraq, London-based daily The Independent reported on Wednesday.
White House and State Department officials are behind the blocking of the four-year Chilcot inquiry, which the UK's Cabinet Office has been criticized for halting.
The newspaper saw drafts of the report earlier this year which challenged the official story of the UK's entry into the Iraq war, mainly related to exchanges with then-PM Tony Blair and former president George W. Bush.

Don't worry, this is more three-dimensional chess from Barack, his Cult will explain.  They will tell us that this is part of a larger scheme to lull Bully Boy Bush into a false sense of security and then, just as Bully Boy Bush is convinced he'll escape scott free for his crimes, Barack will dispatch a drone! Or Samantha Power to bore Bush to death with a speech!

Please, Barack's a War Hawk himself. That's all he is and now he covers for the War Crimes of Bully Boy Bush.  Sisters under the skin, the two of them.

Chris Ames (Iraq Inquiry Digest) walks through the latest here.  Richard Norton-Taylor (Guardian) reports:

The former Labour foreign secretary, Lord Owen, has criticised Tony Blair and the coalition over the refusal to release key evidence about what Blair told George Bush in the runup to the invasion of Iraq.
Blair's position was an "intolerable affront to democratic accountability", Owen told the Guardian.
It has also emerged that Lord Butler, the former cabinet secretary who chaired an inquiry into the use of intelligence before the invasion, has accused Blair of deliberately preventing his ministerial colleagues from seeing important data at the time.
In a move prompted by last week's disclosure by Sir John Chilcot, chair of the Iraq inquiry, that he was still in dispute with Whitehall over release of the Blair-Bush records, Owen has written to David Cameron about the role played in such deliberations by the cabinet secretary, who is currently Sir Jeremy Heywood. Chilcot has made it clear, in public letters to Cameron, that Heywood was at the centre of discussions not to disclose the records of conversations between Blair and Bush. Owen points out that Heywood was Blair's principal private secretary in 10 Downing Street from 1999-2003, "the very time when the decisions to go to war were being taken".

The lies of the Iraq War continue -- Barack Obama becoming president didn't change a damn thing.  Also continuing?  The violence.  Yasir Ghazi (New York Times) reports at least 47 dead today and "35 people were killed and 75 wounded in Diyala Province, northeast of Baghdad, when a suicide bomber blew himself up at an arena where a crowd had gathered to watch a play about the death of Imam Hussein. Women, children and actors in the play were among the dead."

Salah Nasrawi encourages the violence by pimping spin at Al Jazeera:

Iraq's main ethnic and sectarian groups - Kurds, Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims- each with its own militias, have to share power. Iraq cannot be ruled by one side, nor divided among all. It was in dire need of visionary, credible and strategic leadership to unite people and lead the transition to democracy. That collective effort was, and still is, absent, creating competitive and even violent approaches to power. One of the enduring sources of instability in Iraq is the policies and tactics of the political class to either maximise gains, or stop the other side from doing so, all at the expense of the common good.
Many of Iraq's problems stem from its political leaders who are exploiting the ethno-sectarian divisions in their favour to grab more power. Their failure to craft an inclusive democracy has deepened rivalries and given rise to sectarianism, ethnic chauvinism and authoritarianism. Even the constitution which has established a term of reference to solve the power-sharing problems, has been breached time and again.

No, that's not reality.  Nouri controls the government.

What liars like Nasrawi wants is faux peace in Iraq.  They want the violence to go down without any of the causes being addressed.  They want the violence can go down so corporations can march through Iraq.

If you were really concerned with power sharing, you wouldn't be asking the victims to roll the hell over and say nothing as Nouri steps on them again.

Reality, Iraq makes a stand now -- as violent as it is -- or they accept Nouri as the dictator until the US government gets bored with the puppet and overthrows him.

You cannot make peace with Nouri at this point.  He's offered nothing, he's given nothing and he's broken every damn promise (and contract).  To say, "Let's just move on," is to surrender.  Fortunately, most are too smart to fall or Nasrawi's propaganda.

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