Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Talking entry

E-mail to the public account asks why we don't have veterans entries up today?

A) we didn't put up much at this site on Veterans Day.

B) We cover veterans issues all the time.

C) I never want to be part of that one-day coverage.

You know the insulting group that does nothing every day but, on Veterans Day, suddenly wants to remember veterans?

We're not a Water Cooler site.  We dig deeper and leave the superficial for others -- and fortunately for those who enjoy superficial, that's all many websites offer.

E-mail from community members Tori and Benji note "Oh, look, the Pig Boys are after Lara Logan again" and how made I was.

I was and am mad.  I'm mad on the left we've become the right wing thugs.  I was on the phone this evening with an NYT friend talking about the attacks on Logan -- from the usual unwashed crowd -- and was informed that the paper's getting record hate e-mails for publishing a column by someone criticizing ObamaCare.

This is the war on journalism.  It's encouraged by the White House.

The same way sexism was encouraged -- as well as used by -- Barack Obama in 2008 to destroy Hillary's chances.

They haven't changed at all, his online attack dogs.

They still can't hear another side or allow any facts that harm St. Barack to get out.

They're key board warriors, they're not leftists.

They worship a personality and spend all their time attempting to destroy anyone who won't sing from their hymnal.

This is not what the left online was supposed to be.  But maybe when you had trashy whores blogging that they were holding politicians accountable when, in fact, they were dependent on those politicians for money, it's no surprise that it's ignorance online all the time these days.

There are larger issues than Barack Obama's polling in this world.  These people are as disgusting as Bill Moyers who will go to his grave having accomplished nothing except cheerleading and defending LBJ -- a War Mongerer.

Bill could have made something out of his life.

He chose not to.

If he was really worried about "the secret government," he would report on it even when Democrats were in office.  By not doing so, he sent a message to the right that the story was false.

Too many on each side in this country only have ethics when their party is out of power.

It was hilarious to watch some of the mongrels online going after Lara Logan toss out Michael Hasting's name.  Logan criticized his report.  Professional jealousy?  I don't know.  But that happens all the time with journalists.  And, more to the point, you pretend lovers of Michael?  He wouldn't have been attacking Logan for this story -- one he himself was working on.

In other words, if Michael Hastings were alive today, some of these same people pretending to love his work or him would instead be attacking him.

I'm so sick of it.

I'm glad that we have ethics here.  We've opposed the Iraq War under Bully Boy Bush and its continuation under Barack.

We didn't ignore, in September 2012, Tim Arango (New York Times) reporting:

Iraq and the United States are negotiating an agreement that could result in the return of small units of American soldiers to Iraq on training missions. At the request of the Iraqi government, according to General Caslen, a unit of Army Special Operations soldiers was recently deployed to Iraq to advise on counterterrorism and help with intelligence.        

But there's a whole cottage industry of the online left that exists to deny what happened.

It's really depressing, honestly, to realize how disgusting and pathetic my side online is.

The Tea Party doesn't matter.  I'm not insulting them, I'm saying in the overall scheme of things, they don't rate the same as a war.  But the few who will try to oppose war still feel the need to do their regular attack pieces on the Tea Party or some other nonsense story so they can stay in 'the club' online.  They don't have the guts to walk away from reactionary.

Too many women were run off online in 2008.  Maybe if they were still around, serious issues like war would be addressed.

Maybe not.

There's the crazy woman online.  Remember nothing mattered to her more than Iraq.  She got herself her little Washington Post article -- I don't remember, had she turned on Markos then or was it after? -- and Iraq was why she was online and it was so important and blah blah blah.

These days, she ignores Iraq.

But then again, her site's total crap.  Each day it has a birthday 'post' that is an open thread (that no one posts on -- excuse me, one had two posts, all the others, every day of the week for the last weeks, had none)  and someone last wrote a real post at her site on October 12th.

Fakes and frauds all around.

Not even Nouri al-Maliki visiting the White House November prompted the 'left wing' to get off her sorry ass and write about Iraq.

She lasted posted herself at her own site on September 18th.

What a proud thing.  Media flash in the pan, are we surprised.

Prior to that the press created sensation blogged last in August (August 16th) to explain she was thinking about running for Congress.  Why?  The man holding the seat was against ObamaCare and she just knows, 2014, it's going to be the year where . . .

Oh, let's leave Ms. Stupid alone.  She has no ethics and she's also deeply stupid.  ObamaCare will not be something to run on in 2014 -- especially not in the district she's eyeing.  It not only went for Romney in 2012 but the Republican incumbent was elected in 2010 on his opposition to ObamaCare.  The problems with the roll out will not be forgotten in 2014.  (They may or may not matter in 2016.)

Their attacks on the press are the things that really bother me, the disgraceful left.

I have and will support press criticism even if I don't agree with it.  We've twice linked to Dissident Voice in the last four months when one of their writers has offered a press critique that I didn't sign on to or agree with but could tell they'd done their work and knew that it took guts to make the critique they were making.

Of course, it helped that they were dealing with serious issues.

The whiners of today's online left are little babies bothered that the press seems to only lover Barack by 98% instead of 100%.

I never want to hear FAIR whining about the press bending over backwards for a Republican ever again.  During Bully Boy Bush's eight year occupation of the White House, they whined twice about inauguration coverage.


If your goal -- and they presented under Bush -- is to call out a spineless media sucking up to power, then where were you in 2009 and 2013 when the press was covering Barack's inauguration and sucking up?

See, that's why you never accomplish anything.

The right would respect you -- not like you, but respect you -- if they saw you apply the same standard across the board.

Instead, they see the left ignore this and that but care when they use it to attack a Republican.

Before the emergence of St. Barack, his cult was kept in line by their own readers.  When they tried to sell out, they'd be called out loudly.  Those days are gone.

The positive is that people are reaching their limits on partisan spin passed off as news.  We see it across the country.  One of the benefits of speaking to so many groups, so many weeks of the year, all over the country is that we can see the trends emerging.

Right now there's a sickness online.  But it will right itself.  People are bothered by real issues -- like the lack of jobs, like the destruction of the planet, like war and so much more.  They're really tired of this week's right/left wing creep and the chatter that ensues and is passed off as news.

Do you ever wonder 
Can we save our planet 
And where will it go in time? 
White hawk's destroy 
And healer's send joy 
Back to the starry night line 
For a free thinker 
With some individuality 
You may find you feel more free
-- "A Free Thinker," written by Laura Nyro, first appears on her Mother's Spiritual

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