Tuesday, November 12, 2013

At least 12 dead in Monday's violence and twenty injured

How's life working out for women in Iraq?

Suadad al-Salhy and Isabel Coles (Reuters) filed a report Monday night which includes:

Domestic abuse and prostitution have increased, illiteracy has soared and thousands of women have been left widowed and vulnerable. Many women also rue the political leaders that came to power after Saddam was overthrown and the growing social conservatism that has diminished their role in public life.
Once at the vanguard of women's rights in the region, Iraq ranked 21st out of 22 Arab states in a poll of 336 gender experts released on Tuesday by Thomson Reuters Foundation (poll2013.trust.org).

The Iraq War didn't help women.  It didn't help anyone but crooked politicians and those who profit from war.

Sunday, this went up here:

Al Mada reports that cleric and movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr called on his followers to participate in the parliamentary elections expected to be held in April 2014.  He stated voting is a right and that Iraqis must use their rights for the good of the people.  He encouraged his followers to vote for those who will serve the people.
Clearly that person couldn't be Nouri. We've noted why many times but click here and look at All Iraq News' photo of a section of Baghdad today.  The cars are almost underwater.  And why?  Rain.  Rain in a country that Nouri's 'led' for over 7 years and never bothered to improve the sewage system.  So when it rains, the water doesn't drain, it stands and floods.

It's actually worse than what I thought.  Wael Grace (Al Mada) reports that in addition to drainage and sewage issues, Baghdad is sinking.  This has to do with a channel from fifty years ago and the government's aware of it and, at one point in the last few years, had $500 million to spend on it but didn't spend it on fixing the problem.

If you don't know, Nouri and his flunkies were thrilled to have Baghdad declared the cultural center of the Arab world this year.  It's a rotating post though Nouri and company, last March, treated it as if it were an edict that would last decades.

It's surprising thug Nouri would be thrilled.  He loves the religious pilgrims (and the money they bring into Iraq) but being the cultural center of the Arab world would attract artistic types and thug Nouri  exists to attack artistic types.

And he exists to oversee the ruin of Iraq, clearly.

Violence continued Monday in Iraq.  National Iraqi News Agency reports 2 Tikrit bombings left 1 person dead and three injured, a Ramadi armed attack left 2 police officers dead and four more injured, Baghdad armed attacks left 1 police officer and 1 Sahwa dead and five more people injured, a Mosul home invasion left a husband and wife dead (he was an Iraqi soldier), a Falluja armed attack left three police officers and one bystander injured, and an attack on a Basra real estate office left the owner dead, Kirkuk bombings targeting Turkmen's homes left four people injured.

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "The Apology" went up a few hours ago.  After this, he has another comic going up.

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