Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bernie Tweets

US Senator Bernie Sanders is seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination:

  • En las últimas décadas ha habido una gran redistribución de riqueza en Estados Unidos. Desgraciadamente, ha sido en la dirección equivocada.
  • We need your help today to win in Oregon and Kentucky today! Make calls to voters now:
  • We must recommit to fulfilling the promise of Brown and work to ensure that every child regardless of race has access to quality education.
  • That number was 2,762 in 1988. We must do more to ensure that our schools are racially and economically diverse.
  • There are 6,727 highly-segregated schools in our nation, where one percent or less of the school population is white.
  • Kentucky — It's your turn to vote for our political revolution. Grab your friends and family and go out and vote.
  • Kentucky and Oregon – today is your day to make sure you've voted for our movement. Head to your polling location or drop box and vote.