Thursday, May 19, 2016

Shaun Tweets

Social justice activist, journalist and reality based Shaun King can always be counted on to drop truth bombs via Twitter:

  1. . the more tragic point is this: Hillary will struggle like hell against Donald Trump and every poll says as much.
  2. Vote totals for Oregon were just updated and it appears will win by at least 12%!
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    . which ones did she win that are missing? Which ones did Bernie win that are missing. Be specific.
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    . Exactly what are you disputing? That the vote totals from Washington State are not included in the popular vote tallies?
  5. Another must-read from incl. debunking the LIE that Hillary is winning the popular vote by 3 million.
  6. .: Superdelegates will decide who wins Dem nomination — but not until convention
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    . Bernie won EVERY SINGLE COUNTY in Washington State. A state with 7.2 million people, and NONE of this votes are included.
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    . No, of course not, but as of right now, in the vote totals quoted by Clinton, ZERO are included from Washington State. ZERO.
  9. I will close with this. is the anti-Trump. He's authentic, consistent, genuine, and fought his whole life FOR THE PEOPLE.
  10. What's wild, is that they act like polls aren't of real people. They aren't computer generated models. They are asking regular people.
  11. For 10 straight months, the polls said Donald Trump would win the nomination. Experts said "ignore the polls" Now they're doing it again.
  12. In other words, will Super-Delegates knowingly & openly send a candidate out against Trump which every poll says will struggle against him?
  13. The question, and it's a damn important one, is this Will super-delegates stay loyal to Clinton EVEN if Trump's beating her in July polls?
  14. In essence, we're going to get all the way to July, less than 4 months before the GENERAL ELECTION, and super-delegates are going to choose.
  15. Currently, 93% of the super-delegates who have announced say they are supporting Hillary If that same percentage supported Bernie, HE WINS.
  16. So we can say that super-delegates aren't going to select the Democratic nominee, but they ARE Neither Clinton or Sanders will win w/o them
  17. Still, in EVERY SINGLE POLL, beats Donald Trump in a head to head - ALWAYS by bigger margins than Hillary.
  18. With each week that passes, her poll numbers against Donald are actually getting WORSE. 2 polls from today have her losing to him by 3 & 5
  19. Now, here is where it gets UGLY and I think legitimately dangerous for the future of our country. Hillary is LOSING to Donald in the polls
  20. So, basically - Super Delegates get to choose what they think is best for the party, regardless of votes, delegates, etc.
  21. So, we can't say that super-delegates are democratic, because they aren't. We can't say they are swayed by votes, because they aren't....
  22. So now, we have the embarrassing reality of states where CRUSHED it, but ALL of the super-delegates now feel bound to Hillary
  23. So, as you could imagine, and her team NEVER imagined that would win 21 contests with 7 to go. NEVER
  24. In other words, Hillary's super-delegates were NEVER about what was best, what people wanted in their own states, or any of that. About HER.
  25. In essence, began this campaign, before the first vote was cast, with a delegate head start bigger than 10 states combined.
  26. In fact, several people told me one reason Elizabeth Warren didn't run for President was because she saw Hillary's super-delegate hustle.
  27. No. Doesn't work like that. When 359 super-delegates pledged to support Hillary BEFORE votes were cast, it showed their true colors.
  28. If you pledged to support Hillary BEFORE the election began, you can't NOW say you are pledging because "she's ahead in delegates and votes"
  29. The 359 Super-Delegates who pledged to support Hillary BEFORE the first vote was cast represent 68% of her total super-delegate pledges.
  30. 359 of Hillary's Super-Delegates publicly pledged their support BEFORE the first vote was cast. Let's examine what that really means.
  31. . and her camp say her super-delegates back her because she "has the most delegates" or "is winning the popular vote" right?
  32. Please read and share what I am about to say. I'm trying to give you a new tool in your bullshit-detector kit.
  33. I said that to say something even BIGGER. And this point is about to be essential and could cause the whole Democratic Party to fall apart.
  34. I had no idea. I actually thought was really up on Bernie by 3 million votes. She isn't. That whole metric is a farce.
  35. So, when the camp says "We're up on Senator Sanders by 3 million votes," know that WHOLE states like Washington aren't in it
  36. Not only that, but in the 15 caucus states, they don't function by popular vote totals. So ANY statement on who won the popular vote is OFF.
  37. For instance, won Maine by 29%, but not a single vote for him is included in Hillary's often quote "3 million vote lead"
  38. For instance, won 81% in Alaska. Not a single of those votes are included in the popular vote tallies.
  39. In fact, 12 of the 21 contests won by were caucuses and their actual vote totals are NOT included in "popular vote" tallies.
  40. Washington State has 7.2 million people. won 71% of the votes. NONE of those votes count in the "popular vote totals".
  41. Did you know that in Hillary's "3 million vote lead" that many states where won BIG, like Washington state, aren't included?
  42. First, I have to expose a HUGE lie that is being told by and her team. She DOES NOT have a 3 million vote lead.
  43. So, after the final 6 states + DC vote, Hillary Clinton still will not have enough delegates to be the nominee. Queue the Super Delegates.
  44. In order for Clinton to get the nomination, she needs 615 delegates. That would be 65% of what's left She won't get 65% in one single state
  45. A candidate needs 2,383 delegates to win the nomination Hillary has 1,768 Bernie has 1,494 930 delegates remain in 7 primaries So...
  46. Now, 8 years after being Hillary's co-chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the Chair of the DNC, which is strange, but let's press in a bit.