Thursday, August 04, 2016

Baghdad victims forgotten

  1. Woman & child look at banners bearing names of some of 323 people killed by blast in Iraq capital 1 month ago today.

Where in America is the solidarity with the victims of that bombing?

Wall to wall coverage on an Orlando shooting but it was a blip -- a tiny moment -- on American TV when that bombing took place.

'Well Orlando was in this country!'

The attack on Paris wasn't in the US but it got non-stop TV coverage as well.

Where are the 'concerned Americans' penning op-eds on how these Iraqis are their family?

And from Dunlop's AFP report:

"Many wounded entered here... the shop was full of blood, but we cleaned it," said Aziz, 40, in his clothes shop near the scene of the blast.
"The impact of families burning before my eyes is something that can't be erased."
One of his children was with him in the shop when the bomb exploded outside, and was deeply affected, Aziz said.
"Honestly, we are having nightmares now," he said, adding that he now fears to leave his house.

In other news, EMIRATES 24|7 reports:

Iraq has allocated 4.1 billion dollars for post-war reconstruction in liberated areas and more than half of the funds are in foreign aid, an Iraqi news network said on Thursday.

It'll be interesting to see how much -- if any -- attention that gets throughout the day.

Now for a Tweet:

  1. . "My 2 brothers had multiple deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan..they served w/ honor while his sons were doing reality TV"

Am I understanding NBC's O'Donnell correctly?

Meghan McCain said/wrote that?

I don't see it on Meghan's Twitter feed.

If she did say it, she's said a very stupid thing.

All the more stupid coming from her.

You don't attack the children of someone for what their parent did.

Whatever the Trump children did or didn't do, they're not running for public office.

Is Ivana's daughter responsible for Donald's actions?

I guess that would mean Ivanka was then also responsible for Donald divorcing her mother.

So, no, you don't blame the children for the acts of their parents.

Second, it's 2016.

Meghan can't hide behind her brothers.

If she thinks someone did the patriotic thing by serving in the military then she needs to enlist her pampered little ass.

Women have fought in Iraq.

If Meghan thinks that's some badge of honor, ride that pony, Meghan.

But she didn't, did she?

So I guess what's she's telling America is that her brothers are patriotic but she's not.

I hope Meghan didn't Tweet that quote.

Whomever did was very stupid.

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