Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Cheap gasbaggery presented as news

What must Iraqis think of the United States?

For yet another day, Donald Trump's belligerent response to a family of a soldier killed in Iraq using their grief at a political rally (their right to do so) is treated as news.

Mika's outraged!!! Outraged, she insists.

What must Iraqis think of the United States?

Mika's outraged on day umpteeth about the same non-story.

Where's her outrage about one Iraqi killed -- let alone over a million?

Donald Trump says something stupid -- not news -- and it's treated as a policy issue.

But Hillary's support for the Iraq War -- which killed over a million Iraqis, which killed and maimed many foreign fighters from other countries (including the US and UK) -- is nothing to be outraged over.

Donald Trump feels insulted (and he was) and he responds and that's news.

This exchange of words becomes news.

But the suffering -- the ongoing suffering -- in Iraq because of the US-led war on Iraq is not news?

My apologies to the Iraqi people.

And two things are going on here.

First, the press wants Hillary to win.

When you reach the point where you just don't give a f**k which liar wins anymore, it's very easy to watch the media's coverage and tell who they are promoting.

It's not news, don't mistake it for news.

Second, they're lazy.

Mika doesn't know a damn thing.

Doesn't want to know a damn thing.

She just wants to hop a high horse on a 'water cooler' topic and act informed.

To discuss Iraq?

Oh, they'd have to do a little work since they never pay attention to it.

It's so much easier -- and cheaper -- to discuss non-news and blather on endlessly.

Corruption in Iraq?

Not a story they want to do.

Don't want to invest the time or money.

That's the reality.

And that's why Hillary's role in Iraq and Libya will never be addressed with the same outrage that Mika and the kindred have for Donald Trump's words.

Events that actually matter, life and death, will never be addressed.

And that's good in a way.

People are waking up to the realities of American media.

I've heard it yesterday and Monday to the groups we spoke to -- groups that loathe Donald Trump but cannot believe the amount of 'news' time and space spent on this non-story.

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