Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Veterans, refugees, and corruption

Regarding last night's snapshot, an e-mail asks, "Well if Donald's mean words don't matter, when does it matter?"

If it matters to you now, by all means use your platform.

But in terms of the people, it no longer matters.  THE MEET THE PRESS appearance probably helped speed it up.

This is an election and there are real issues.

Are veterans real issues?


If the government's failing or lying or neglecting, that's an issue.

So, for example, there's a veterans issue that no one seems to want to talk about.

We're in a presidential election cycle.

Do you recall what happened in the last one?

A promise was made to veterans by the sitting president of the United States (Barack) who was running for re-election.

I remember because I defended Barack (yes, I have defended him a few times).

And I threw it back on one of his Republican opponents: Rick Perry.

Veterans of today's wars were asking for a parade.

Barack said it would come after the election.

Rick Perry slammed him for that and I pointed out that Perry was the governor of Texas at that time and nothing was stopping him from throwing a state parade for veterans in Texas.

And nothing was.

But Perry apparently didn't want to so he pretty much walked away from the issue.

And Barack?

Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War were promised a parade by a sitting president then running for re-election.

Barack's term expires this coming January.

Where's the parade?

That's an issue.

A promise by a government official that is not kept is an issue.

Had the Hillary boosters left the issue of the rude remarks alone, they would have registered on their own and prompted outrage.  Instead, they tried to force it and now the whole thing looks stage managed and, considering the treatment of Pat Smith, hypocritical.

That's on them.

They always overreach.  And that was before an aunt was brought forward to call for Donald Trump to drop out of the race -- yeah, that's not just overreach, it's pure stupidity.  It's too late for anyone to drop out.  Maybe learn a little about elections before you try to comment on them?

(But maybe you have to overreach repeatedly when you support a weak candidate.)

Want another veterans issue?

18 million on art for VA offices?

That's a scandal.

New rule should be imposed: Government supplies your office with one photo of the sitting president and with a series of Defense Dept and VA posters.  That's your 'art work.'

You're not a museum.

You're supposed to be helping the veteran and your wall space needs to be used to address the issues DoD and VA are promoting.

Let's note John Stauber:

  1. Please help & , join their . wants YOU to stop !
  2. You don't hear & rail against the liberal that own them: etc.


  1. Ewan McGregor calls for more to be done to protect children, during Unicef visit to Iraq

When I hear blow hards coming forward to thump their chest and insist some service member is their 'family too!'  -- I just wonder who will stand up for the Iraqi people?

Ewan will.

There's a handful who will.

But the Iraq War destroyed Iraq, it was an unnecessary war and it was an illegal war so maybe now everyone quits whimpering for one damn second about hurt feelings and starts addressing the living victims of the Iraq War.

Oh, wait, Hillary's crowd just uses the Iraq War as a political football.

Kind of like they done for the last few days, right?


Social media is abuzz over the Minister of Defense accusing the Speaker of Parliament of corruption -- both are Sunni.

Arabic social media sees it as the MoD currying favor and mainly due to the fact that the MoD is not addressing the 'magic wands' which, it was announced last week, were not being used anymore.

It's said if the real concern is corruption, the MoD would be addressing the use of those wands long after they were exposed as useless and the man who sold them to Iraq was sent to a British prison.

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