Friday, August 05, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

Jill Stein is expected to be announced as the Green Party presidential candidate at the Green Party's national convention taking place in Houston.

  1. We need a to end unemployment, stop climate meltdown, & make wars for oil obsolete!
    Jill Stein - A Green New Deal
    Neither Clinton nor Trump has the answer to America's economic misery. The answer a Green New Deal to end unemployment, stop the climate meltdown, & make wars for oil obsolete. Our lives depend on it.
  2. Let's cancel student debt & free 43 million Americans to rejuvenate the real economy!
    Jill Stein - Cancel Student Debt
    We bailed out Wall Street bankers, so why not bail out our students? We can cancel predatory student debt for 43 million Americans & free a generation to rejuvenate the real economy.
  3. Just landed in Houston for the GNC. Already met an independent voter who plans on voting Green. 🌳
  4. Watch the 🌻 opening reception speech featuring on Facebook Live now:
  5. That's right: Green Party presidential nominee was in a '90s folk-rock band.
  6. 💥 Participate in our MoneyBoom between Friday noon & Saturday noon leading up to the Green nomination: 🌻