Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Being 'out of line' does not justify violence against a woman or man" (Susan Sarandon)

Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon (next month on FX with Academy Award winner Jessica Lange in THE FEUD) Tweets:

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    Is your bank invested in /fossil fuels? Here are some socially/environmentally responsible banks to look into.
  • How often in the Bible the Lord asks us to welcome migrants and foreigners, reminding us that we too are foreigners!
  • "DNC race gets shakeup with candidate exiting, endorsing Keith Ellison" via
  • Deleted this too ? Like the other one where you called me a delusional bitch who should be slapped by Hayes? 🤔
  • Join Us! Times Square, NYC Sunday / February 19 / 12PM TODAY, I AM A MUSLIM TOO RALLY A Day of Solidarity /
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill says she may face 2018 primary, compares Democratic base to Tea Party
  • STUNNING statement by ND Gov--he's worried about camp being "ecological disaster" under Missouri River but not !
  • Nurses support because he has been a tremendous ally to nurses across the nation. Join us in supporting the !
    Nurses support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair
    "We shouldn't have a society where people go bankrupt because they don't have money for healthcare. A sane society takes care of its people." - Keith Ellison

  • I'm sending a letter to banks letting them know that financing the pipeline creates serious risks for NYC's pension investments.

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      . In case she missed your Tweet, here's a recap. Being "out of line" does not justify violence against a woman or man
    2. More talk about how women are bitches and should be slapped from . You should connect with .
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