Saturday, February 18, 2017

NYT, CNN, ABC, CBS and your employer MSNBC don't represent freedom of the press (Sarah Abdallah)

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    To all these liberals outraged at Trump banning refugees: Where the f[**]k were you when Obama was dropping bombs on their homelands?
  2. A fiery Marine Le Pen last night: "I will not ask for instructions from Mrs. Merkel! I will not submit! Nor will I beg for her approval!"
  3. So your poll, designed to smear Trump, went to hell and now you're crying about it because... "alt-right trolling"? Typical liberal.
  4. Spoken like a true Hillary shill. Obama arming Al-Qaeda in Syria and destroying Libya were far bigger scandals but Maher never said a thing.
  5. Wow! 40,000 mines have been removed from by 's sappers. Thousands of thankful Syrians bid farewell to these tireless heroes.
  6. Any minute now, I'm expecting George Takei to blame the deletion of his (backfired) poll on Putin personally hacking his account.
  7. Rather lame to delete your "Trump vs. The Media" poll, . Didn't realize that Americans trust Trump more than MSM, did you?
  8. "Expect more fake news about Russia." There, I corrected your typo for you free of charge.
  9. NYT, CNN, ABC, CBS and your employer MSNBC don't represent freedom of the press but the corporate mainstream media monopoly.
  10. Well now. How about that? It's not Putin's subverting democracy in the Western world but the CIA.
  11. But they ARE your enemy too Mr. President, as they're openly colluding with Soros, the Dems & rogue intelligence elements to overthrow you.
  12. In defiance of Al-Qaeda's terrorism, 30,000 Syrians in attend their 1st football match since the war on began 6 years ago.
  13. Obama-backed deported 243,000 Pakistanis from 2012-2015. Where the hell were the liberals? On vacation? Or at Starbucks?
  14. 3 million Syrians in have been cut off from potable water by ISIS for over a month now & not a single Western reporter gives a damn.
  15. Mainstream media has gone from manufacturing for the "War On Terror" to manufacturing for a War On Trump. Madness.