Saturday, February 18, 2017


Some Tweets from WIKILEAKS:

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    RELEASE: CIA espionage orders for the last French presidential election
  • .​ cables reveal the devious role of U.S. in Ecuador 2010 coup attempt that injured nearly 280 people.
  • What do WikiLeaks docs say about Ecuador's presidential candidates running in its election tomorrow (Sunday)
  • Campaign to release the EU files on the Greek debt crisis Have them? See:
  • Telesur: Ecuadorians Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe
  • Russian FM Lavrov to US VP Pence & others today at citing CIA+NSA espionage See
  • Sweden bribed its way to Security Council using millions from the public budget for aid to poor countries
  • How cool are Ecuadorians? "Ecuadorians Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe" with
  • United States asked Canada to help spy on candidates during 2012 French election: WikiLeaks
  • Here's Ecuador's opposition leader (elections Sunday) saying he'll revoke my asylum after I revealed CIA penetration of the French election.
  • WikiLeaks refers to the US 'deep state' in some of its publications. What is the US 'deep state'?
  • English language background to the Ecuadorian election from The Nation
  • revela órdenes de espionaje de la , para elecciones francesas de 2012