Saturday, February 16, 2019

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

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    Venezuela is a litmus test for the anti-war and anti-imperialist movement. Read more in this week's newsletter 👇🏿 
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    Our Outreach Coordinator, , says: + ! 🌍 📺 Watch the whole video: 🇻🇪 Find out why we oppose U.S. intervention: 🖊️ Sign our petition to say U.S. out of Africa:
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    Do you support the decision to recognise Juan as the interim President of ?
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    Please vote here to show you undestand that U.S. support of Juan is a coup d'etat and is blatant US orchestrated !
  5. Most of what we’ve been taught about WWII is a lie. Churchill’s goal of saving the British empire cost many lives. explains
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    People arguing that the FBI was right to plot a 25th Amendment removal scheme against Trump because he was morally incapacitated, rather than physically incapacitated: You really want the FBI making autonomous decisions about the moral character of the president? Are you insane?
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    Superdelegates who have endorsed Kamala Harris: • Nanette Barragán • Katie Hill • Barbara Lee • Ted Lieu • Gavin Newsom And it's only February 15, 2019.
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    I’m running for President to end our regime change wars, work to end new Cold War, & walk us back from the abyss of nuclear war. We face greater risk of nuclear catastrophe now more than ever. I’m introducing a bill to stop Trump from scrapping INF treaty & sparking new arms race
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    honestly elizabeth warren has more in common w black people than kamala harris or corey booker cuz most black people also believe they grandmamma was cherokee...
  10. This propaganda is creating insanity.
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    Valentine’s Day made it easy to mark the anniversary of the Sino-Soviet Friendship Treaty of 1950 with dripping irony. And we were smugly sure they would always be enemies. Russia and China are now de facto allies. A geo-political sea change with immense implications.
  12. Can we drop this already? Lobbies use money to gain influence. That is what they do.
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    An easy way for the Democrats & media partisans complaining about this conclusion from Burr’s bipartisan inquiry would be to respond: “Actually, we do have factual evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia." Spoiler: they can’t.
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    Response to Bolton's “New” Africa Strategy w/ We discuss Bolton's announcement of the Trump administration's "new" Africa strategy, history of US imperialism in Africa, the role of AFRICOM, and how the continent is overlooked in activist circles
  15. Dear Amazon, Bye! Signed, New York
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    NOW: Eliot Engel is chairing hearing giving Elliott Abrams a forum for propaganda on Venezuela. Engel threatened to clear hearing room of members of the public bca few people stood up asking questions he's not asking about Abrams' murderous record, citing the need for "democracy"
  17. Moore misses the point. Dems don’t want resolution of Russiagate. They want to use it to substitute for fighting for their voters. They want to draw it out as long as possible and run against Vladimir Putin.